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SALTpro Vs Spy: The difference


Wave sails are all about style, our sails enjoy any condition with any rider whatever the conditions at a very top level; it’s just to be finding out which one suits your style best! All sails have excellent planning performance. The Spy is all about power, drive and stability. Heavier riders, onshore conditions or even blasting oriented riders will be able to get the most out of this powerhouse sail! Ideal also for bump and jump or simple freestyle moves. The Saltpro, with its super compact outline and 4-batten lay out, is all about maneuverability and speed. Profile only on the lower batten, and flat entry on the other battens, good batten rotation around the mast sleeve, will give slightly less power in the rider’s hands and a lighter feel. Compact and dynamic whilst still maintaining drive the Salt is all about taking your moves to the next level of new school wave sailing. The Salt is the perfect wave sail for riders wanting a highly reactive feel. If you are sailing on choppy conditions and onshore often, the Spy will give you what you are looking for. If you are heavy or at the first levels of wave sailing, the grunting drive of the Spy will help you save you from unpleasant conditions, or help you ride a wave thanks to the drive it delivers. The Salt pro will be the sail for the pure wave sailors who want to take their level to the next step, as the sail has no limits. It has taken Ricardo Campello to be Vice World Champion in waves. It can be used also as light fun fast sail to enjoy strong winds. The Saltpro can be rigged in 2 ways: for onshore and for side-shore, by just using the top or lower clew of the boom setting, and 3cm difference in downhaul.



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