AC-1 VS AC-K. The differences.

Bringing the AC-Kpro to battle Vs the AC-1, makes the choice to purchase these 2 sails even more difficult as both have outstanding new performance. By introducing the new 2-cam concept called the AC-Z, it gave the chance to the AC-K to become a proper racing sail too. The AC-Z even if only 2 cams, and all advantages of a no cam sail, proved to be higher performing than all other 2 cam sails and many other 3 cam sails on the market. For this reason, we could not have our 3-cam with a speed and performance limiter! Therefore, we decided to bring the AC-Kpro to a new upgrade level to be competitive against any other race sails, but to qualify characteristics to be an easier and lighter then those. A sail that would bring you to win races without having the required technical level as a pure racing sail as the AC-1. Lighter due to less power in the acceleration, easier due to the 20% smaller mast sleeve. The advantage of the AC-1 over the AC-Kpro is in the acceleration in the initial meters if you are fit enough to take advantage of the monstrous power the AC-1 can give. The AC-Kpro will get you tired after 2h as the AC-1  will do in 1h. If you are not racing at top level, the AC-Kpro will satisfy any thirst of blasting racing performance at the very top level.



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