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Josep Pons from the Point-7 Black Team had started gaining some spots in the ranking after the double eliminations, but the conditions were really tricky as the wave period was very long, and wave were super close to the rocks.

Here his feedback!


How were the conditions in Cabo Verde? It was good, some heats with not good conditions but in general so nice. Perfect conditions for down the line  wave riding. I sailed most of the heats with the SALT Pro 5.3. 


The reef looked super close to the break, how worrying was that for your top riders? Yes, it was really close, too much. It was easy to hit the rocks with the fins. May sailors brake equipment there. On my point of view in some of the heats, the waves were small. When the wave is small it brakes just on the rocks. During the warmup of my last day, I had to let go equipment during an air, because I was landing on the rocks. 

You sail port tack 3.3 conditions in Pozo more often, were these conditions that you also feel confident? I was confident with those conditions; I use to go to the north of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura  to sail with similar conditions. But not that close to the rocks, haha

Which gear did you use? I the heats used most of the times the 5.3 Salt Pro and my new CS 96. But the week before the event we had a few days with 4.7 and 5.0 and the small board CS 86. 

p>45 min long heats, how was that feeling compared to the typical 10-15 minutes in high wind?
It was good, you have time enough to think and plan the heat, been able to correct the mistakes. But you had to be focused to get the best waves of the set, to get better scores. In my last heat I couldn’t get good waves. That´s why my scores where not good on the last heat. 


Next event? Next event would be PWA Pozo in July. I will hopefully manage to go to Galicia for a Spanish event. 

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