Noah Vinther Den 7777 has been using Point-7 after having met Andrea Cucchi in Alacati during the IFCA Worlds. Noah is now racing most of the IFCA events and Natioanals, but we are sure that he will be soon also attending some PWA events. If you check our sails photos, you will see him often as he has been taking part at Point-7 photoshoots in the last 2 years. 

Nationality: Denmark

Age: 18 Y/O

Discipline: Slalom Fin / Slalom Foil

Do you only windsurf or do something else? In Denmark the conditions are not the best for windsurfing all year, but when the conditions are good, I spend all my time on the water training to get better and tuning my sails. During the winter when the temperature is below zero, I spend all my time in the gym training to get stronger and heavier for the upcoming season.

If you must choose your two best results, which would they be?

  • U21 World Championships 10th place
  • U21 European Championships 4th place

A day on 7.1 slalom fin day or a 6.7 foil day?  If I should choose today, I would say 7.1 slalom fin, but in the future, it could change we will see.

A day 8.6 slalom and big board or foil board and 9.0?  It really depends on the wind! If it is 8.6 full power wind I would choose 8.6 slalom fin, but if it were a bit lighter winds, I would choose the foil board and 9.0

How do you see the future of racing and the competition between foil and slalom?  The future is very hard to predict, but as we already have seen foiling has become more popular than we could imagine many people have already chosen to go all in on only foil and quit the slalom discipline, but I still see big future of slalom fin.

What is your racing plan for this year? My racing plan for 2022 is to gain as much knowledge and tactics I possibly can in competions. The competitions I already plan to race this year are World Championships and European Championships. And then there will be a lot of small competions as Nordic Championship, Danish Championship, and some German Championships.

When you get on the water, what do you do to improve your sailing?  To improve my sailing on the water, I always try to sail with people who have the same goals and dreams in windsurfing, it helps a lot to be able to push each other to the limit

What do you do to keep fit out of the water? To prepare myself and keep fit I eat a lot of food and spend many hours in the gym.

Do you follow any diet or health program? I do not follow any specific diet I just try to eat as much as I can in the off season. In the gym I follow a training program to build some mass and strength.

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