Happy New Year!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

We  started Point-7 because we loved this sport and one of our missions was to transmit the lifestyle, freedom, friendship and fun that Windsurfing can bring, and to do it through our products and brand. Promoting one of the greatest and most fun sports available.

In Point-7 we are all windsurfers, and we do lots of different sports. We enjoy all of them, but there is no sport like windsurfing, that even after over years, it makes us feel so positive and happy after each session.

The brand started from zero 15 years ago, and thanks to teamwork, thanks to the trust you gave us, we managed to bring Point-7 around the whole world. We managed to win World and European titles in all disciplines, meet many new friends, and enjoy with you many windsurfing days in amazing places. Amazing places are all those places where there is wind and friends. It can be just next door to your home or miles away in exotic destinations.  

It has been a challenging 2 years due to Covid, but we did our best not to be late with supplying you the latest technology on gear, the best possible service possible. , and we will never be tired to develop new products and bring the latest updates to our gear range.

We would like to thank everyone for having been part of Point-7.

The Point-7 Black Team.

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