Presenting the OXBOLD WATERSPORTS CENTER of Kuantan, Malaysia.

On the east coastline just couple of hours away from the Capital Kuala Lumpur and not far distance drive from Singapore, Kuantan offers great beaches with surfing and windsurfing. The best time of the year is during the monsoon season in winter, but with tropical climates, but lots of water sport activities make it special all year round. Driven by Wilson, who is also distributing Point-7 in Malaysia and neighboring countries.



– Standard wind conditions: DEC-MAR: 10-25 KNOTS, APRIL-JUNE: 0-8 KNOTS, JULY-NOV: 5-12KNOTS

– Opening months: ALL YEAR ROUND


– Closest airport: KUANTAN (KUA)

– Type of accommodation available in the area: HOMESTAYS, BUDGET HOTELS, HOTELS & RESORTS

– Website:

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Tell us when the centre first opened and the evolution during these years? We started operated since 2009, where we had a store in Kuala Lumpur, for about 6 years. In 2016, we moved the store to Kuantan, where we built our watersports centre inside De Rhu Beach Resort and started operating at the beach. From the beginning of just a small store for storage, we have extended it to large area of rigging on grass, drying area on wood planks, BBQ area and small hut for chill while looking at the sea/wind.

Why would a windsurfing client find your spot unique, and chose Kuantan over other South east Asian destinations?  Kuantan is the most famous windsurfing spot in the 80s-90s as it has consistent wind during Northeast monsoon, where wind comes from the left side during launching from beach. The fine sandy beach is also expanded southwards for about 10km, so safety is guaranteed even wind drop/drifted away. Kuantan also organized many international competitions in the 90s & 2010s with many top windsurfers around the world came and supported the event.

How many days of holidays would be perfect to enjoy the area? Depends on the month you are coming; we suggest you stay between 3 – 7 days.

Nov – mostly raining but occasional we have 8-13 knots about 3-5 days

Dec – raining about half of the time, with good wind days we can get 10-20 knots (with rain sometimes) especially towards Christmas & New Year.

Jan – sunny in most days, wind quite consistent between 10-20 knots most days.

Feb – hottest days during the monsoon and almost no rain, with wind from 10-25 knots most days.

Mar – wind started to slow down with no rain, between 8-15 knots most days.

How would a windsurfing client spend a typical day for a windsurfing at your spot. From when he wakes up till, he goes to sleep? (Include activities such as other sports, meals, night life, relaxing time.) Wind pattern here normally starts around 10:30am- 11am, when the sun is out and hot. We rig up and enjoy between 12-6pm, and occasional you can even windsurf till 7pm when the sun is coming down (we get dark around 7:30pm) Nearby resorts (2-5km away) have nice ambient of beach bar, and in the town (about 15-20km away) there are also some restaurants & pubs. At Cherating (about 35km away) there is firefly watching, and turtle hatching watching (during the summer season).

If the family is not windsurfing, what other activities would you recommend on top of learning windsurfing? We suggest they visit Sungai Lembing rainbow waterfall (starts from 6am-1pm), waterpark in hotel for kids, plenty of hiking spots as well.

For those who live in or visit Kuala Lumpur is it far to come to Kuantan just for a weekend? From Kuala Lumpur it is very convenient as only 2.5-3 hours of East Coast highway drive (total around 250km, and about 200km of highway drive). During the monsoon season we have plenty of Kuala Lumpur clients come even for a day trip as well.

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