The 021 AC-1 has gone through a very different way of development compared to the other years. At first the thought was to make a sail which would work for both fin and foil. We did the first protos  to bring the AC-1 to have a profile, outline more like the foil sail would have also required.

There were interesting things that had made it nice also on the fin, but when it came to push the hammer down to get that 0.7 winning edge, the sail was lacking ingredients. At the same time, we were dedicating time to develop the new F1 SL foil racing slalom sail, and this was going more and more towards a different direction to what a fin sail would have needed.

You jump on the foil, you jump on a fin,  your stance, and the pressure you need to express are different. So, the sail will have also to be adapted to the different pressures and needs. Yes, a compromise can be made, the same sail can work on both, it can be tuned different, but having a dedicated sail it does make a difference if you look for the extreme edge.

Foiling is at the early stage in racing, and the needs of a dedicated foil sail on a racecourse will become more and more a necessity, and at that point, better to keep the slalom fin racing sail to be at 100% for fin racing.

After working around that different project, looking that many will still prioritize fin slalom sailing against foil slalom, we decided to keep the AC-1 pure to fin slalom. This to be able to push the development of this sail model more into its dedicated section and to keep delivering a full fin slalom sail.

Unfortunately, there was no racing in 2020 to have the Point-7 Black Team to put under pressure the AC-1 in many of the PWA events that would have normally taken place, so the feedback was not the same as the other years and this pushed the development to a kind of stand-by in the early months of the year. This gave priority to the development of the other slalom lines like the AC-Z and AC-X.

We were looking in increasing even further the stability of our free slalomrace sails in the top area of the sail. Having less cams, smaller sleeve the sails do have a little more movement in stronger winds against full race sails. So, we introduced 2 full vertical luff panels, reinforced with Kevlar under the stitching. This has brought the sail to completely block the front profile from any movement and allow the leach to open and stabilize for the wind to exit. The results on the sails were obvious and it was the same to ask our self if we should have tried this on the AC-1 too?

Generally, it’s always the racing sail bringing new ideas and technology to the free slalomrace sails, but this time it was the other way round.

Our goal has always been to bring our freeslalom race sails to go as fast and to be as comfortable as the full racing sails especially when the wind would pick up, and this for 2021, has helped the AC-One to increase its range stability as well.  

When the gust hits the sail, the acceleration will be easier for the rider to hold the stance and increase its max speed with less effort and less time. An important characteristic for reaching speed PR’s, jumping in first positions on the green flag.

Basile Jacquin FRA 498

I used only 7.1 and 6.2. But the sail who impressed me is the 6.2. More stable than the year before, I feel a slightly more performance in lighter wind and an amazing cam rotation. 6.2 in 2020 was a bit stiffer in cam rotation as it was the first year on rdm masts, but with the cam rotation, now it’s all over it’s like a wave sail ! I think on 6.2 compare to last year I’m 0.5 knots faster globally.

Twan Verseput NED 127

I used 5.6 to 7.8 till now, for me it felt that the sails feel a tiny bit stiffer but surely more stable. The biggest adjustment they have compare to the other years it is the different material and construction in the top. I really feel the difference against the 2020 sails. Especially the top of the sail feels steadier and it looked like with the 5.6 it gave me better acceleration too. Speeds speak for themselves; dark beasts are fast!!

Rytis Jasiunas LTU 7

I tried Ac-One 7.8 and 7.1, it was my first time on the AC-1 as I was racing with another brand before, but I feel that the sails feel comfortably softer and the cam rotation is  amazing. Got my best 5 x 10 sec speed on the foil while using the AC-One 7.8.

Andrea Cucchi ITA 1

Bringing new improvements each year that can be felt that easily is a great success to the development of a sail which is already a winning sail. The main aim in our sail is bring the maximum power to the sail, but by keeping as much comfort as possible. The saying power is nothing without control is nothing more correct even for pro riders. They need to focus on the race timing, tactics and keeping the competitors under control;  not wasting energy and focus in trying to keep their gear balanced on the water. So every time the sail becomes easier, as in this evolution, we can increase power to gain speed for the riders.

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