The New Carbon Boom head

A stronger connection with less stress on the mast. The new longer cup gripping the mast dilutes the stress on to the mast structure, increasing the stability of the connection. This will also assure that the head will not to slip down the mast even with very little rope tension.

Boom cupA perfect composite, which includes glass to the plastic, will donate the correct synergy to the stiffness of the carbon tubes arms. Easy automatic fitting to the mast. Moving head tilts according to fitting height on the mast but does not move from side to side. The new longer leverage allows quick boom height changes also while standing on the board.  Fits P7 RDM adaptors perfectly.

Boom clamp leverage: Long and ergonomic to allow easy open and closing of the boom head, also when on the board. Easy setting of the rope.

Boom clamp: The clamp holding on the boom arms can tilt according to boom height setting. It has 3 screws to secure it on the boom, allowing the one of the leverages to be independent to make the opening and closure of the clamp easy, but at the same time the head and the boom to be fully tighten to the max.

Boom Rope: The best grip and pre-stretched rope is given to make sure that the boom does not lose the pressure given to it while clamping. The rope is entering a comfortable cleat, easy to set and fasten.


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