PWA Croatia 2020. ITWA to Basile who finished 4th!

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With the current situation all racing is on hold or has been cancelled. However, the PWA held the first race of the season in Croatia.

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23 men attended and 10 women. Anna Biagiolini and Basile Jacquin were there representing Point-7.

For the men it was not a large fleet, but it was great to see 10 women in there fleet.

Development and tuning are continuous at Point-7. So, I thought I would catch up with Basile and find out how it is going.

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TWH:- I was not expecting any races this summer, what is it like to be competing again?

BASILE:– I was  super happy to compete again ! It was not my best week of racing let’s say. It was an amazing warm up ! 12 eliminations !!

TWH:- As I understand it, in the men’s fleet you decide whether you use foil or normal. How do you decide what to use?

BASILE:- In a normal PWA we will decide to go fin or foil. Riders will decide what gear to choose depending from the conditions. But here in Bol, as it was a 1-star event, for safety reason  the race director decided if we went fin or foil. Like this everybody was on the same gear, no mix.

TWH:- Training against/with friends you can set up your equipment. In competition you find out how good your work has been. Can you tell us a bit about the 2020 AC-ONE ?

BASILE:- AC1 2020 are very nice on the racecourse !! Top 3 here in Bol were on fire with always amazing start, more or less very close to the over early. Those guys are one of the fastest, if not the fastest on big gear. But my speed was there, 8.6 and 7.8 are going very fast !

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TWH:-  From your results, 4 x 2nd shows that your equipment is fast. What were you using?

BASILE:- Yes did not managed to get any win… haha We used only 8.6 and 7.8. Super happy about the sails.

TWH:- The next possible PWA competition is in October; are there any other competitions you will be doing?

BASILE:- Yes cannot wait to compete against all the other PWA riders! For now, I have 3 nationals’ events,   Almanarre GP, Foil France championship and the PWA Marignane.

TWH:- With there not being so much racing now, are you out on your wave and freestyle kit a lot?

BASILE:- Yes when the condition delivers, I’m going out on wave/freestyle gear !

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TWH:- Can you tell us a bit about the SALT or SLASH ?

BASILE:- Salt is the wave sail Slash is the freestyle sail. This is pretty much what I can say haha. No but to be honest I do not have the level to say technical the performance of those sails. What I know is that since we have Yentel on the team the slash improved a lot compare to 2015/2016 sails !! Josep is doing great job also for the Salt !

TWH:- Andrea has been doing a lot of work on the 2021 sails, will you be spending some time with him after the competition?

BASILE:- I am going to Garda now for testing some new sails, so let’s see 🙂

TWH:- Have a wonderful summer and we all wait to see what wonderful sails Andrea has developed for 2021.

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