Want to be the fastest?

To be the fastest on the water, you can work as hard as you want, by trimming, tuning, bodywork outs, diet, but if your equipment does not offer you the top performance, it will be hard to get that extra knot!

To be fast, you need to be comfortable and, in this link, you can learn how to set up your stance to feel comfortable on the water…

…and in our BLACK TEAM TIPS section you can find also many more advices on technical aspects to improve your setups

To be faster than others, what is important is that you need our POINT-7 AC-LINES! This is the initial base 😊

When we develop our slalom sails, our first thought is to make them comfortable, especially as you start having the right wind intensity in the sail. This is the moment that you enjoy the most in slalom sailing, and  that you need to feel comfortable and trust that you gear will give the chance to reach the best speeds, break your GPS PR, with less effort possible. You do not want to be out of control during these moments.  The sail needs to have a balanced power where you are standing to gain stability and must be exactly focused on the place you are standing. It must allow you to use the body weight and not only the power from your back on front arm. Everything is engaged and distributed equally. The sail needs to do the work for you in adjusting its power through the wind intensity, especially as wind increases. This is stability, comfort and high speed.

Another important factor in slalom sailing is the average speed. You need drive in light wind, this is what gives a high average speed. There is no reason to have a super sonic speed, if than you hit a lull and your speed drops drastically. Your average speed is what makes a difference to get a great advantage. In racing or just reaching with friends from one side to the other, the drive, in light wind is often more important than having that extra knot of final speed. The sail needs to provide drive, but also needs to naturally neutralize, as soon as the wind increases, it supplies the acceleration, and top speed is gained. Drive supplies not only high speed in light wind, but acceleration, power for upwind, and pins down the board in the jibing for control in the carve.

You can be fast in light-wind or strong-wind, but if you don’t get planning early you might get stuck behind a group of friends, who wave at you, while they are in the straps blasting away! Yes, you need to be active in getting your gear to get planing, you need to go out with the right sail size, but the sail needs to give you responsive love to get going. High-aspect sails are fast, but less planing than low aspect. So here comes the need to give love to the sails, buy having semi high aspect outline, but using softer masts and reactive materials. Softer mast meaning that you can use a mast with one size shorter length, against what the luff length could allow. This gives a light feeling and allows the sail to breath. Not feeling like a stiff brick that does not allow the sail to fill up with wind and therefore no power to get planning. In our sails, you will notice that we often use even more than 30cm extension and even up 40cm and a shorter mast, rather than a long mast and a short extension. The sail needs to breath. This creates a natural reflex that will make you will feel like one piece with the rig.

Reflex come also from the materials of the sails: how they marry to an integrated rig. Materials maybe reactive or soft, stiff, or less stretching, and  with many other characteristics. They need to keep blend in with the stiffness of the mast and its curve. The mixtures of these 2 determine highly how the sail will feel on the water. The mast is stiff or the material not reactive to make the mast work the sail will not be comfortable and breath. Some material in the right places will allow the sail to be more forgiving to give control, in some places be reactive to have acceleration, in others stiff to keep the profiles and shape. Allocating the right materials in the right places is the heart of the sail, as they say that the mast is the backbone.

Once all these ingredients are blended in one sail, you can always enjoy windsurfing at high speeds . You lose less energy; you are faster than your friends and you can windsurf for longer. As a result, you can focus on something that will stay a challenge for life: The perfect jibe.

If we said that our sails allow you to be fully in control at high speeds, they have the drive to carve the board in the jibe, and have an outstanding acceleration out of the jibe or in the gusts, what is missing? The central part of the jibe. There is a moment in that central part of the jibe, where you don’t want the sail to pull you too much on your back hand, as you need to close the sail to carve the board. You also need the sail to flip smoothly and fast to the new tack. This is when the profile of the foil needs to neutralize, and the rotation needs to be smooth. By using XXL cams, also on our free race sails, and not only race sail, this is obtained. The reason we have less cambers over the boom in all our sails, is that they slowdown the rotation and make it heavier. If you look at our AC-One and AC-Kpro, both only have 3 cams and only one over the boom, the AC-Z has 2cams, but under the boom, the AC-X…yes, no cams!

we have for each AC Line the same batten set up concept, but each batten in the sail is different, and made to follow the character of the sail. The battens are not forcing the profile or adjusting the opening of the leach. They are built to work in symphony with the foil of the sail. Only like this, they can highlight the performance of the concept design.

What our POINT-7 Black team uses in racing is exactly full production. No special masts, no special booms, and no one is changing their battens, as what we like best, goes directly in production. When someone buys our product, he is already part of the Black Team, and therefore we need him to beat his GPS PR, be the fastest in his local spot, and go home happy!

These characteristics are worked in the order of centimetres down to millimetres. Therefore it’s also important that the mast and booms should be integrated from the same brand, All the above-mentioned components are developed to be considered as one. The rig. Not an accessory, lighter, or stiffer, or constant curve to put on a sail. It is how it all breathes together as one piece that makes its performance a winning performance, a 0.7. 

AC-X: A Real Slalom No Cam

  • Fastest slalom sail with no cams ever.
  • No-cam mast sleeve and no-cambers.
  • High Aspect.
  • Easy handling characteristics.
  • Probably the lightest seven battens real no cam slalom sail on the market.
  • Excels even further in over-powered conditions.
  • Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions.
  • Locked-in feeling that is only comparable to a cambered sail.
  • Winner of many national slalom championships in different categories
  • Available in C823 and 7548

AC-Z: The 2 in One Slalom for everyone

  • It’s not a compromise, it’s a 2 in 1!
  • Unique on the market in its typology.
  • The most performing sail on the market with 2 cams.
  • No-cam mast sleeve on the top, race sleeve below the boom.
  • 2 cambers under the boom.
  • Easy handling characteristics.
  • Excels in a wide range of wind conditions.
  • Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions.
  • Locked-in feeling that is only comparable to a cambered sail.
  • Light and easy feeling that is only comparable to a non-cambered sail
  • A must have for those who never had a cam sail.
  • Available in C823 and 7548

AC-Kpro: The super naked

  • A real race sail for non PWA riders.
  • Simply all about speed
  • Highly addictive
  • Medium luff pocket on the top, wide pocket on middle cam.
  • Sweet smooth rotating 3-cam set-up
  • Lots of low-end power to get planing nice and early.
  • High-speed powerhouse that is easy to handle
  • Sits ridiculously light in your hands,
  • Incredibly fast and light handling sail to use
  • The faster you sail, the lighter the AC-K PRO ’s handling.
  • Available in C823.

AC-ONE: The race sail

  • The fastest sail in downwind slalom racing
  • Designed for 0.7.
  • First 3 cam 7 batten race sail on the market.
  • Deep-drafted, scary-looking, PWA World Champion race sail
  • Downforce
  • Insanely powerful, mega-turbo powerful
  • Breath taking acceleration
  • Control over the thumping V12
  • Easy entrance in jibing thanks to its light profile at the rear part of the sail
  • Boosted power of its acceleration once you flip the sail
  • Men PWA Slalom World Champion
  • Women PWA Vice World Champion
  • PWA Slalom Constructor Sail Champion
  • Available in C823.

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