Black team tips: Harness lines

You might find a lot of harness line articles as this one. This time we will focus more and only on the flat water theme by going through each detail. With the Black Team we have been working a [...]

Bruno´s winning one hour setup

Our own windsurfing master Russel Groves (The Wave Hobbit) caught Bruno Martini for an interview to learn more about what gear Bruno used winning this years edition of the One Hour Classic at [...]

Young gun – Maxi Rauchele

Maxi is one of those lucky kids who´s father has introduced in his DNA the passion for windsurfing. It didn’t take long before he became more addicted than his father, but let’s find out [...]

Point-7 in Spain

Manuel is our distributor from Spain with lots of energy and ideas. He has made Point-7 big in Spain by going step by step. Let’s find out more about Manuel, and the way he is pushing windsurfing [...]

Catching up with Fujiko Onishi

Fujiko Onishi is one of our strong #point7girls. From her name you can already figure out that she is from Japan. Let’s meet her and find out more about the difference between PWA slalom and [...]


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