Ricardo Campello the man who likes to fly. Back on the podium on his new SALT Pro zero19 at the PWA Gran Canaria. The first event this year, where Ricardo has shown his ability not only in the double air moves, but also amazing wave riding.

Third, after losing by less than a point to make it to the final, Ricardo is back!At Point-7 we are proud to have kept supporting Ricardo, knowing that not many have his talent in windsurfing.

Andrea Cucchi: “ I’m so happy to see Ricardo up at the top again. I know Ricardo very well. He has a lot to give to the sport, and he has given a lot through out his career. I know how much he loves windsurfing, and how much he enjoys winning, and hates losing. When he is out on the water he wants to show how cool our sport is, and he is ready to teach and help the next young gun next to him to improve himself. Having our Salt pro to allow Ricardo to go for those moves and goals, makes us proud. Yentel Caers was today entering the semi-finals in the PWA freestyle in Fuerteventura, after winning 2 EFTP events, and this closes the circle we have been working for. Proving that our sails have the performance to take champions to the top in all disciplines

Next events for the PWA wave,Tenerife and Sylt. Ricardo’s specialty is air time, so let’s ask him a few questions with him, through this interview done by Russell Groves (the wave hobbit).

TWH: Pozo is the first stop on the wave tour and going big is the name of the game. You love to do this. Double rotations are a must but we also see that you are experimenting with triples. What makes you decide if we will see them in competition?

RICARDO: To be honest a few days before the event I went for a big push loop forward and over rotated on the push loop and went triple, but it was a mistake. If I ever try a triple it would be a triple forward and hopefully a push loop double forward. With the new sails I have enough speed to go high enough to try. Now I’m the limit and need to start trying harder!

TWH: You have a large variety of double rotations. Is it the score value that helps you decide which to use or the ramp?

RICARDO: Yes, the highest score moves are double forward and push loop forwards so if you want to go to the top you need to do those!

TWH: We are seeing more and more jumps coming in, using the wave to project you back onto the wave face. Personally I love the shifty back onto the wave face, double forwards and back loops as well, plus you have your own aerial variation moves. The question I ask is; – Is this wave riding or jumping? How would you like the judges to score this?

RICARDO:  Well its wave ride, if you make it nicely hit the lip from down the wave and land back into the wave and continuing riding it’s a wave ride! It might often look as a jump, but than you need to surf front side to make it count. In 3.3 weather and side onshore, it’s not that sure you can have the best ride at all times.

TWH: Maybe there should be 2 scores for jumps? Jump going out, jump coming in and just leave the wave ride as pure riding. You could even go to the extent that there would be 2 scores for the riding as well. 1 pure and one with rotations. Would you like to say something about this?

RICARDO:  NO! It would be too much calculation and the spirit of wave sailing would be lost.

TWH: Your trade mark is your Push loop Forward and a Double Forward and those are your standard double rotation jumps. There is also the double push loop, Cheese roll back loop, Shifty combos and more. When it is incredibly windy like in Pozo this year, the extreme Hight of the single rotation jumps is also important. The jumps have there set points for the scoring system, does this work in extreme conditions?

RICARDO: Yes, Pwa has a list with the most scoring moves but the scale went down a bit! I still think huge back loops and forward should have a good score! Those super high single forwards with lots of hesitation are as spectacular as a super-fast double. Also seeing a landing from a massive back loop, is impressive. The speed you enter nose first into the water is scary.

TWH: Your followers know you for being radical and you love it. I for sure love following your windsurfing carrier. The level every year just gets higher and higher. What was crazy and new last year, becomes just normal sailing. I know innovation and possibilities are what drive you.

How do you choose, when to go for the new maneuvers in competition?

Is it just that your opponent is going for radical and if he pulls it off he wins? Or is it that if you pull it off you create a new highest score? Moving the bench mark up.

RICARDO: Well I normally don’t go for new moves in competition, unless I know I have a good heat and I feel comfortable trying something new, but so far there is nothing new for me! Just pushing all I know towards being more radical and fast.

TWH: 45 to 50 knots are extreme windsurfing, especially when you must compete in it. What is harder, jumping or wave riding?

RICARDO: Sometimes wave riding is hard if you get a gust and the wind is more onshore and the waves are messy!

TWH: The level is very high and it must be very hard to stay on top. It is even harder for the young to climb that ladder. Do you have a vision of where wave windsurfing is going?

RICARDO: I have no idea where we are going, I do know that every year we go higher and higher! Our wave gear has more speed, it’s more balanced, and you feel so comfortable on the sails and boards, that you feel like you can push it even more.

TWH: Thanks Ricardo for the chat. We are very interested in seeing where you take your windsurfing and the development you do.

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