Fujiko Onishi is one of our strong #point7girls. From her name you can already figure out that she is from Japan. Let’s meet her and find out more about the difference between PWA slalom and Olympic racing.

Fujiko, from which part of Japan are you from?
Hello, everyone! I am from Kamakura city, Kanagawa. Kamakura city is traditional place in Japan. The beach is also good, we can enjoy wave, slalom, course race and everything! Perfect beach for windsurfers!!

How did you get into windsurfing and started racing?
I started windsurfing when I was a university student. I joined the windsurfing club and I was on the water 300days a year. Every day I could learn something and improve my skill and I enjoyed every day. Then I started course racing as my main discipline in windsurfing.

You are now with Point-7 for 3 years. How is it to be part of the Black Team Japan?
Point-7 is so cool design, and I love the performance. Sails are every year more developed and amazing! Light, easy to control, and fast, everything perfect. I love them so much. Team Point-7 Japan is big family for me!!

They support each other and there are nice persons in it. We learn and improve from each other. Tadashi and Atsuo also super nice people who take care of the brand and of the team.  They believe in me and support me to my goals. I have to say thank you! I could not do it without them.

You have been doing both Olympic racing and PWA slalom. What are the differences in:
Olympic is long race and PWA is short race.
Olympic takes 25-30minutes for 1 race.
PWA slalom take 4 minutes for 1 race.
So PWA slalom needs more concentration.
Olympic is one design, so very simple.
But in PWA slalom you can choose equipment’s which you want. So, need a lot of test to choose the best and the best trim.

Level between the riders:
Both riders are looking for their aim and do training for their goals.

Training on land:
Running, gymnastics, both do the same training, but in Olympics teams, the riders are followed by proper coaches.

Training on the water:
Tuning, start, gybing, tacking, sailing form of upwind and downwind. While in Slalom you don’t do up winds, but you spend more time testing gear.

More difficult and why:
Sometimes I have to work in the office, so I’m lucky when I can windsurf and does not matter which one I do. It’s better than office work!

More Fun:
Slalom, but if I would win the Olympics it will be an amazing dream.

If you would be paid the same money for both, which one would you chose?

Is it possible to do both disciplines?
Yes, I can!! There are good one for each other!! I can improve windsurfing skills for both.

What do you think will be the future in the Olympics?
Windsurfing is decided for 2024. And now moving from normal windsurfing race to wind foil race.

They are talking about having the foil discipline. Do you know already in which way?
Some persons say windfoil…But not decided yet.

Have you tried foiling?
Yes, I tried.

How would you compare foiling to against the other disciplines?
Foiling race can plane in very light condition. It’s a new idea to enjoy windsurfing.

Where are you training normally, and do you live there?
I go to many places every year. In this winter, I went NZ one month for training. Normally I am training in Kamakura and I live in there.

Your best Result till now?
2016 all over ranking 4th.

What is the relationship with the other girls from the black team?
I am in contact and sometimes we train together. Often with Haruna Ozaki J10.I train also with the man of the Black Team Japan, like Goshi,Tadashi and the other from the BTJ.

Your future plans with windsurfing?
After finishing the Olympic Campaign of Tokyo2020, I will focus on only PWA slalom. I hope to find time to do some wave-sailing as well!

Winning a PWA slalom or Olympic medal. Which one would you choose?
Tokyo2020 is only one time in my life, and the Olympic campaigns for Tokyo2020 is the only thing I live for right now. I want to get a medal in Tokyo, get than a big support and then focus on the PWA slalom world title!


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