Behind the scenes from the Windsurfing Blacksheep community, there is a group of people who run it, run the activities, ideas and event organization from some years.

Some years ago, a group of friends realized that Point-7 was just more than a Windsurfing Brand but had a pure windsurfing lifestyle behind it. Having Black Sails meant being out there on the water and being different to the others.

Having a special sail, a special way to live windsurfing, being part of something exclusive. Just like when moto bikers cross and greet, even without knowing each other. It was the same, you would see someone on the water with a Black sail, you would smile and greet.

An enjoyable way to socialise meet new people on the beach and share the windsurfing day. It all came naturally, till there was a moment where a group was formed. It became a solid base to share fun with friends, trips, weekends and did not matter in which part of the world. To distinguish on the water, the black sails did their job, but on the beach, they had prepared apparel and fun gadgets to feel more part of the group.

In 2012 there was the first real meeting from the Windsurfing Black Sheep in Torbole. It was amazing to see so many people joining in. More meetings and trips were organized over the years in the different countries. Such as holidays in the Canaries, meeting on the southern German lakes and much more.

Now running the hype is, Tobi Ullrich, Roberto Spaggiari, Marco Gabbatel and Frank Maibach.

Tobi, you are the Blacksheep warrior! We see you with your thick wetsuit windsurfing also in the winter in the southern German lakes. You are more behind the duty to follow the FB group page. How many people are in the group?
There are 908 members for now, but we are getting more and more. Really nice to see how this project grows and gets more than just a project for me it is passion, meeting and helping friends.

It’s a closed group, what characteristics must have the perfect black sheep?
The perfect sheep. For me the following aspects are the most important. Loyalty, join the dark side and once you go black you never go back. Ahahah. You must stand behind Point-7, you have to be friendly and you must always be willing to help each other!

What do you think about Point-7 support? I am happy that Point-7 supports us now in bigger ways. And specially I am happy that Andrea pushes our group and really takes part a lot.

Roberto Spaggiari, is also running the hype, and is the balanced person to guide windsurfers and calm down the hype with no planning for bigger projects.  Roberto has done a lot of work to guide the group in the right direction, even though, he is probably the most radical and innovative of the group in some sense! Roberto, comes from a totally different job, and is part of a community which is fuelled by fun, and completely opposite to what he does during the week. He finds fun, friendly and amazing spirit in this project and group.

Marco comes from the north-west area in Italy. He is addicted to windsurfing, and please share the photo on the inside of you perfect van! Do you want to give some advice to the others how to set up a good black sheep van?
We have beautiful sails, high-performance equipment, why should we not keep everything in perfect condition including the van? I think it is important not to put too much weight on the sails, I don’t like sails to get wrinkles and crashed, so I decided to set up my black sheep van to load all the equipment quickly and easily. With a little more order and organization i got a lot of space and in the end now I can take with me more equipment. How many times did it happen that you did not have the right sail or board with you because there was not enough space? 😉

What do you think about the monthly interview on the Group FB page, with a member of the black team that any fans can ask any questions to the pros?
The monthly interview is a wonderful opportunity for all people to ask technical or personal questions to the athletes. They are very friendly, and they can really help a lot with their tips about trimming and their great experience. I hope that in the next month’s anyone can find the right answer thanks to the black team riders. Till now we had Lena Erdil in January, and this month we have Bruno Martini

Frank, what brought you to be so addicted to Point-7, to be willing to be part from the Point-7 community as the Windsurfing Black Sheep? Well, I’m a windsurfer from 35 years. One day I took notice of a black sail blasting down in a hot sunny day and I thought: Wow, either the producer is stupid or ingenious. Curiously I met Andrea Cucchi in 2014 at Tenerife at the 5 DAYS WITH THE BLACK TEAM and after huge surf sessions, a lot of conversations and many after surf beers I was convinced that his windsurfing darkness is ingenious in material terms. What I did not know until then was all about that special community called Black Sheep which was already growing up around an outstanding product. The truth is I was in search of an unadjusted likeminded pack of windsurfers who don´t indulge in the mainstream willing to take a stand offside and to do his own thing – and so I became a Black Sheep staying in constant contact with guys who became friends to me. I got excited about the sail performances and the sail developments over the years by Andrea trying out all kind of black slalom sails. And suddenly I had over 20 different Point-7 sails in my private stock and that has changed no more. For me it is important to identify myself with the product and the people behind and not to change for a nice gift from another side.

What are the most interesting things that people can do inside the community? First, the possibilities of being active for everybody inside the community are nearly endless if you are creative. Whether posting good or bad black things on Windsurfing Black Sheep or fixing arrangements to go together on the water… … whatever you want to do to live your dream. If you communicate it will enrich our community. I would wish that every member feels part of a big family where you share and take care of each other as well. Respecting each other and the nature and having fun with the most wonderful sport in the world – live it and talk about it, let us participate in your windsurfing adventures, that´s it.

Windsurfing lifestyle…tell us something about it.
Haha, I knew that you would ask me that question. I always get excited about it. No wonder because it´s not simply to style your exterior with nice P7-T-shirts, driving a nice car or something like that. No – it means that your own art of windsurfing in your own special matter becomes part of your entire life and fulfils everyday life with something magical – it´s like a faithful companion sometimes even showing you the way… yes, he is able to do that. But that mate can also insist in a special matter. My companion for example hurries me up to go in my own gym and so she cares about me to stay fit for the next windsurf adventure. If you still haven´t met him and you want to meet your own faithful companion, then join the next Black Sheep Meeting – if you already know him then anyway. We will inform you in time. When there will be wind (Tobi will arrange it! Yes, he can!) and the black pack enters the water (and later the sunset transfigures the scenery… haha) you will feel The Black Sheep Windsurfing Lifestyle… and then we drink a beer…. you know! Life is Beautiful!


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