We often believe that the carbon content percentage from the mast is the main important thing. The truth is that it’s better to have the correct curve, rather than any random 100% carbon mast with the wrong curve.

The mast is not only about the IMCS, which is the central stiffness, but also mainly about the curve percentage of the base and of the top. These curves are what classify a mast to be flex top of constant curve. The percentages do not give only these two options though.

There are many combinations, which different brands can use, to fit their development needs through the mast. For example, a flex top mast can be more flex top than another mast.

High quality windsurfing masts are mainly manufactured in Italy. Nowadays, there more options in other countries, but with Point-7 we still prefer to keep the quality at its top, so we stick to the production in Italy. Even for the lower percentage masts are still produced in Italy. Our supplier is based in Italy, and produces in Italy. Most of the masts might look the same, but often produced by different manufactures with different machinery, materials, and technology. By having the mast production based in Italy where Point-7 is situated, it’s possible to have a continuous development into new products and ensure that the quality of all finished products that leaves the factory is second to none. Further guaranteeing the quality of the materials being used in production are up to the specifications needed for making a durable performance product.

The mast is a very important accessory for our rig. It’s the back bone of your windsurfing sail. It’s where the development starts. Once you have defined and developed a preferred mast curve and material characteristics, the sail designer starts cutting the sail on that mast. Just like having a suit tailor made.

Most of the masts on the market are constant curve, but this is only a general term to explain the characteristics. What is important is the curve percentages values of the bottom and top sections of the mast, including materials, shapes, and reflex. These are values which are very different in each sail brand, and all kept secret. This is why the best efficiency is reached by having an integrated rig.

We don’t keep our curves secrets, we have them printed our masts. We prefer to be transparent with our clients. Our curves are progressive, and each mast length has a specific curve to work best in that specific condition. Shorter mast lengths are having softer bases and stiffer tops to guarantee comfort and stability, longer mast length are stiffer in the base and softer in the top to give more power in light winds and breathing of the sail. From now our mast lines have the bend curve printed on them, so you will know more of the product you are buying!

Point-7 masts are manufactured using the Prepreg-Autoclave process which creates an extremely homogenous carbon/resin mix under high pressure. Using a newly patented procedure which allows the resin to be distributed in equal quantities around the mast walls, the masts are guaranteed to have an equal curve around all its diameter, and thus more uniform in comparison to former production procedures. The resin is reduced to an absolute minimum for unprecedented durability. The resin used is top quality as well and will give support to the carbon even on very hot temperatures and on water crashes.

Each mast is quality tested before leaving the production facilities.

If you like to get more into detail about curves, read more in this section: http://www.point-7.com/knowledgebase/mast-curves/

Check out also this video with Andrea Cucchi for even more: https://vimeo.com/246099064

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