Basile Jaquin, from the Point-7 Black Team, is the new Slalom IFCA World Champion 2017 in the youth division.


Almanarre- France, with 180 riders, 8 slalom and winds which ranged between 15-30knots, Basile managed to win this important World Title for Point-7 and it’s another success for our AC-ONE!
From this year, Basile is moving to South France for his studies, but has till now lived in New Caledonia with his family, who are all great windsurfing passionate!

Here are some quick question to our new Ifca Youth World Champion:

How old are you?
I’m 18 years old, just got a van and a driving licence.

From which age to which age is the youth division?
The youth division is from 17 to 20 years old.

Where are you from?
New Caledonia

Why do you use a French Number?
I use the à French number for the IFCA because I can’t use NC for this event.

Where did you train this winter?
Do you think it helped to reach your Success?This winter I train in lanzarote at the slalom pro training and it help me a lot for the beginning of the new season.

What will be your next event?
I’ll fly to Korea the 30th for the first step of the PWA season.

What is your goal?
My goal for this year is to make my best in PWA and to find some sponsors for the next season.

Now you will move to France to study?  Which place in France and what will you Study?
Nicolas Goyard is also from New Caledonia,and in your,. Do you train Together? What is your relationship with him,?  In Almanarre I train with Nicolas which is my team mate, but I also train with lot of local guys like Damien Arnoux or Jimmy Thiémé.

Who would you like to thank for this title?
I would like to thanks in first for my title my family (my parent) and also the father of Nicolas, Manu goyard which is my coach since 2012. And for sure my lovely club ACPV and the new cal pirate team ✌️️.

Your goals in windsurfing?
My goal in windsurfing is to make the best results and enjoy this lifestyle

[mk_blockquote style=”line-style” ]Winning an important tittle as Basile did just do, does not leave much to comment. He has done a great job. Basile was with us in Lanzarote at our winter training and I had seen him very solid at the training. He has a lot of potential to do also well against the top pro riders at the PWA, and that will now be his next step in May. Well done to his dad, Olivier, who has supported Basile in the right way!

Andrea Cucchi


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