One of the most known freestylers in the World and in France has decided to join the Black Team to travel to events and promote this young and exciting discipline

Why did you join the Point-7 Team and what’s your goals with our brand ?

It’s been a long time that I’m interested by the brand and the products Point-7. I love the sails design, the monofilm, the cost and especially Point-7 is a very very active brand.
There is no greater motivator than join a brand and a staff on the move !!
I’ll do my best to promote Point-7 in France with pictures, videos and parutions as I have always been accustomed to doing !

Please tell us about your story, where you come from, your career, your best results and what’s the windsurf for you ?

I was born in« île de Ré » on the west coast of France where I started windsurf at 12 yo. I dedicated myself for 4 years to the 293 OD and Raceboard in the sport school.
At the beginning of 2010, I stopped the Raceboard and my studies to devote my time to my passion, the freestyle.
It was a little late to start freestyle at 20 yo but after 5 years of training I did my first Top10 on the PWA.
In 2016, I put aside the windsurf to pursue other projects, but the call of the wind was too strong and I’m now back with alot of motivation and new sails !!

You then use the freestyle model Slash, tell us what you think about this sail range?

After a 6-month absence on the water, I was a bit scared to come back with new sails. The wind was very strong on top of that… But once on the water, I had direclty a super feeling with the Slash and I landed my best moves after only 10 minutes !
The Slash is light, powerful, very handy and confortable in the choppy conditions.
The 4.0 Slash is very easy to duck, the 4.4 and the 4.8 are perfect for each conditions, so I’m very happy to use it !

What’s your goals for 2017 ? (competitions, trips)

Sail ! A lot ! Train At home, in the southern France, in Europe ; make photos and videos ; travel and compete. That’s all I need !

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