When you have passion, you don’t limit motivation to build the sail to win the PWA Slalom championship. You like to get also more involved to promote the sport, and make sure that there are new and young generations ready to take over!

Therefore, the Point-7 Black Team in collaboration with the Circolo Surf Torbole, had decided to organize the first ‘No Rules Slalom’ Stage for under 17years old slalom lovers.

There is a big fleet of young windsurfers who race in the Techno class. A 293 long board with dagger board which allows to race in zero to even over 30 knots in different courses. Last year, the Circolo Surf Torbole organized a world Championship from this Class, with over 500kids racing. It was a huge event and amazing to see so many kids under 17 all together on the water.

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/vvrDWSbKxeU”]

Nevertheless, in many windy spots there is a big number of young riders who are more and more getting involved in slalom, and deciding not to race the Techno Class anymore, but jump straight on the more performing discipline.  Therefore the Circolo Surf Torbole, along with Point-7, have  decided to put together this unique stage, which would have allowed to teach the slalom discipline, and have the season to kick off on Lake Garda.

Why no rules? Well, that is what slalom is about in PWA. There are no rules regarding the right of way and protests don’t exist, but it does not mean that there are no rules. There is a whole rule book to follow, and on the water, the main rule is to have respect for the other competitors. Another important thing, is that kids who decide to do slalom, they need to understand that it’s not a runaway from the heavy training they do in the Techno Class, but they need to take their slalom training as strict as the Techno. Is not about cruising from one side to the other and then have a break on the beach. It’s about training with drills, and systems.

When you think that a race sail with 4 cams is difficult to ride, for some 14years old it’s not, even though many still prefer a no cam at the that age. The 3 days were amazing for the kids who took part, as thanks to Bruno Martini and Andrea Cucchi, they were able to learn a lot of different topics. Starting from being  able to trim all their gear like real pros’. Some were actually discovering for the first time some real slalom gear, when till that day,  they only had wave or freeride experiences. They found themselves racing on a real course for slalom ,which had been set up by the Circolo surf Torbole coach, Dario Pasta. See their mistakes in jibes and starts on video analysis evening sessions, and last but not least, understand the discipline needed to be future professional athletes: meaning to take care of their image, contacts, social media and physical training.

Follow the Circolo Surf Torbole site from time to time, as if you missed this event for your kid, there will be much more going on during the season!

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