During the heat I try not to think too much and focus on my own. Normally I don’t have too much stress while my heats but this little bit stress helps me to stay fresh and give everything I have. I try to focus on myself and don’t watch to my opponent, of course you will see some moves from the other guys, but this also gives me a bit adrenaline to try better. From the moment you think you’re lousing it’s over. Then the stress is coming and that’s to moment when you make mistakes. Freestyle is a judging sport you never can say before who is going to win. A little mistake can make the different. Maybe opponent makes the best move off the event this will not say he will wind the heat, consistent sailing is really important.

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/xjzpr_Bsjp8″]

You must be able to do all the moves in any kind of conditions. Some people make plans before the heat witch moves they will try during the heat. This is something i don’t do, of course I have in my mind witch moves I want to do but sometimes this is not possible. It’s not only you who decide but the nature does a big part, are you going to get a good gust, wave, flat part? This you can’t know before. But I try to prepare myself for all kind conditions. I prefer the strong wind but I also really like the light wind when it gets more technical. Be prepared for everything, follow your dreams/goals, and have fun in competitions this will keep the stress low!!!


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