During the Slalom Pro Training in Lanzarote, Point-7 had organized a slalom stage for kids under 17, on the last week of February.

An amazing experience for kids to try the adrenalin of slalom kit over the rolling swell from the Atlantic Ocean.

The kids had the privilege to taste the physical training from the trainer of the Slalom Pro Training. Giuseppe Pugliese, and actually warm up, train, and stretch with the pro group.

The main focus was to have the kids to fill confident on their slalom gear over the Atlantic swell and stronger winds. Trim their gear and stance to be sailing in full comfort no matter the condition, and to learn to perfection their power jibes.

On the second last days, the group of the kids who seemed ready, sailed upwind to the course set by Mark Hosegood, and  had the chance to join some of the race starts with the top pro riders!

When we thought to do a Slalom Stage for the kids, we had actually thought to have them race through the course from the Pro Slalom Training. As the kids arrived, we realized that there was a lot we could teach them, before  having them on the course to race. Some kids had racing experience only from the Techno Class and their style was not fitting at 100% the slalom gear. Another group of kids had to improve their technics, and for some, it was their first experience on slalom equipment, and for sure over the big and long Canarian swell. I had never done such a stage or worked so close with kids in windsurfing. I wanted to have this experience to learn more about young windsurfers. A real chance to have visions about special gear we could than develop through Point-7.  It motivated us to work on new projects for this  new generation of windsurfers. I realized how fast the kids under 17 were able to learn. We would take 20 minutes on land to explain them the tricks to improve their slalom skills, and the result was immediate. After a windy week, the kids left the island knowing how to tune as any pro rider, and with a perfect slalom style. I found it already amazing to see them not be scared to be on the water nevertheless who tough the conditions were. Sometimes we have good slalom adult riders who visit us, but in those kind of swells, they rather rent wave equipment… …but not the kids that joined our stage. We were all totally proud of each one of them.!

Andrea Cucchi 

From the 24-26th of March,  another young kids slalom stage will be held at the Circolo Surf Torbole on Lake Garda. The Point-7 Black Team will be there to teach the basics of slalom sailing, to all kids under 17 years of age. Don’t miss it! 

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