Here is my video from the summer of 2016 with (for me) a quite different outcome, some shots of me going to the water passing the beautiful nature at home and sailing at my homespot. Also action from home and travelling to the South of France. This is my first ‘long’ video and i’m very happy with the outcome. I have enjoyed the summer to the max while working at Tijs surfschool and at my old internship at the office (and ofcourse windsurfing as much as possible).

In August i went to Leucate with a friend of mine wich was great!! unfortunately the beginning of the summer wasn’t the best at home so i hope the autumn will match that up! i was Lucky to capture a lot of moves in France, but i wish a had a bit more variation in the action. A goal for the next one!!
Thanks for watching and if you like the video make sure u share it! Thanks to everyone for putting effort filming!

Tim Ruyssenaars NED66

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