Also from Turkey as Lena Erdil, Ceren will be part of the Black Team and will be taking part at the whole PWA world tour for 2015.

Where are you from?
I am from İzmir, Turkey.

Same country as Lena. Same Team, who will it be on the water on the first race, when you both have to jibe at the same time?
I Hope that both of us will be there at the same time in the lead, darkening the buoy with our Black sails 😉

Lena lives in Bodrum and you are more in Alacati. Is this correct? Do you train often with Lena?
That’s correct. We train together as much as we can. It’s easier for me to go to Bodrum since she has a school to take care during summer months. She is a good sprit, and certainly keeps me going. We not only train hard, but also test our equipment and push each other to our limits. I think both of us enjoy this process.

In Alacati there are a lot of windsurfing girls who race. Why do you think this is happening compared to some other spots?
Alacati is a hub and near a very popular summer spot. There are quite a few of distributors in the area. All the windsurf schools in the area attract new people to the sport, as it becomes easier to rent or purchase equipment and start. Another big reason is of course that the flat water makes learning windsurfing much easier then in most other spots. Alacati has a very safe environment to learn and its relatively easy to improve rapidly, I think this and the fact that there is a lot of hobby and professional racers right under the eye of the beginners specially attracts girls, as they have something to aspire to right there infront of them.

Where did you learn windsurfing, how and why?
I started in Alacati. I was a manager at a private fitness center in Izmir. And one of the benefits of working there was that I could work out whenever I wanted. Some of my friends recommended that I should at least try windsurfing on the weekends, and that’s how it all started. It felt great being outdoor, and on the water. Who doesn’t want it:)

How did you get addicted to it, and why did you decide to compete?
I think this has been more of a lifestyle choice than an addiction. I did enjoy all aspects of the sport since the beginning, my first jibe, first win, first accident, first fall. Who can deny the hapiness of a succesful gybing.. I had the opportunity to quit my job for a few years and make windsurfing my life and have been lucky enough to find some sponsors who have supported me on this journey.
One of my goal has always been to compete with the top sailors who i saw here when i started windsurfing, its been an amazing journey so far.


What is your goal for the next 2 years? Will you join the Black Team in Tenerife?
Yes I will be training with the Balck team in Tenerife and am really looking forwards to this experience. I am working on being in top 8 for 2015 and hopefully top 5 for 2016.

Do you enjoy more racing, or training on the water?
I get really excited when I race, Competition and training have two different mindsets. It could be harder to forgive, if you make a mistake during a race. I do train both for the speed and the competition. When I am training, I try to make my trainings as close as possible to racing conditions.

Do you do anything else apart from pro windsurfing?
I have been working out for the past 10 years, and developed many training skills that help with windsurfing. I write personal training and fitness plans for people that approach me for this service.

Your first event?
My first event was a national race in Turkey, this was in 2010. First international race was PWA in Alacati, and that was in 2011.

Single, engaged or married? Pro windsurfer, windsurfer or non windsurfer partner. What do you think is better for a pro windsurfing girl?
I have been married for the past 6 years. At first we both were doing windsurfing, but he couldn’t continue due to his work. Even if he doesn’t do the sport itself, he does observe my trainings and races. His input really helps me a lot. I think it helps to work in a different field from your spouse; but I suppose it would also help if he was a pro-windsurfer as well. In short, we are happy in our ways, he is very supportive of my windsurfing.


What is the most difficult part of being a girl pro windsurfer? What is the easiest part of it?
I think being pro in any sport comes with its own challenges. More races means more gear to carry, more assistance you need. The easiest one is that you can help from the guys 🙂

Your fb page where we can follow more about you?
You can follow me on Facebook, Website and Instagram.   |   ceren yaman windsurfing & fitness

You are known to be a lot into fitness. Tell us about this passion. Do you do it for windsurfing or because you actually enjoy it.
I get asked this a lot. Fitness is my lifestyle since the beginning. I loved outdoors, and being active. I really got into it when I was working as a manager at a fitness center. Where I was able to improve myself on a daily basis. I do enjoy working out and creating different fitness plans. Once I was able to combine the two it was a relatively easy transition.


You will be part of the Point-7 girl project, and you will give lessons about fitness. Any short ideas on how is it going to be structured?
It will be an interactive experience for everyone. Videos, photos, and demonstrations will break down every aspects of the muscle groups that helps windsurfing. I think we will be sharing the first posts on our website soon. Being part of the black team is an honour for me as I know how hard everyone on the team is working! I feel lucky to be able to train with the other successful girls on the newly created BlackGirls team and will make sure to make the most of this amazing opportunity! See you on the dark side of windsurfing, find out more about all the details of our new project on our new side …

Ceren is a lot into fitness and will be interesting and important for us to have her to share her knowledge in our girls team. She is very motivated to improve her results and will be joining us in Tenerife this winter. With Lena and the other girls it will be great to be on our new project.
Andrea Cucchi

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