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This is Ceren. Today I’ m gonna share an exercise that I find very helpful for windsurfing.

It’ s rope jumping (skipping rope).

Like most windsurfers, I use different exercises to work particularly on balance and footwork. In my opinion this is the most effective and fun within this kind of exercise group. Rope jumping is a great combination of cardio, coordination and footwork. Specially when you are travelling a lot, a jump rope is easy and cheap to take everywhere with you.

You can find a lot of different ropes on the market now a days, I like to use a ‘speed rope’ , but feel free to use what ever rope you feel most comfortable with. First find yourself a smooth surface that the rope will slip easily. Adjust the rope length and you are ready to go.

For most windsurfers, the only leg conditioning they ever really do comes from 75% running or cycling, weights, or other non-running exercises. The problem with this is that all of those exercises don’t really develop a better “coordinated body”.

Jumping rope trains your body in the basics of movement and muscle activation; improves your neuromuscular system, meaning the process of your nerves communicating with your muscles to contract becomes more efficient; develops your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are the types of fibers involved in explosive, high-force contractions.

I have been doing rope jumping little over 3 months. I do already see the benefits on my windsurf feet technique. And I am sure you will benefit and see the results from this exercise. In the video you can see some techniques that I do.



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