Do you want to read fun experiences from girls that are living the dream in tropical paradises while windsurfing? Or learn more from their hard working fitness during their trainings. Fashion, travel stories, tech tips, fitness & health, love, sex and much more will now be available through the Point-7 site. Our #point7girls have loads of inspiration, so be ready to follow their cool blog posts! We are not meaning, ‘we went here and I did this’, but it will be a mix of share experiences, bringing the latest trends the girls’ windsurfing world offers.

Who are our girls in the #point7girls team? These are all of you who want to be part and share this new project. The project will include meetings with our team, activities, blogs and new products. More and more girls are now starting to windsurf. The gear is much easier than time ago, and the technology made it possible for lighter weights to have more fun with less need of power. Lena Erdil, Amanda Beenen, Esther de Geus, Ceren Yaman, Greta Benvenuti and Alina will share with you all your and their thoughts. Girls, be ready for this new Point-7 project. #point7girls.

A sport with no girls doing the sport, will always be less attractive. Don’t you think it’s nicer to go to the beach and see more girls in bikini than only guys in board shorts? Exactly. So if we want also more guys to windsurf, let’s also push more the girls to enjoy the sport. With Point-7 we decided to open a whole new section, to learn more on how to develop more dedicated products, and have the chance to give tips from our #point7girls pro team, to everyone who want to share with them their windsurfing lifestyle.
Andrea Cucchi

What’s coming up?
Lena Erdil will bring you to Cape Town. After her second place at the PWA 2014, and attempting the Luderiz speed challenge in Namibia, she is wondering ‘who said that the water is too cold or that we should be scared of the great white in the South African waters? Ceren Yaman has been training a lot the last 12 years, connecting her windsurfing to her training. She discovered that rope jumping is one of her favourite exercises: watch her video and read her text. Esther de Guess will express her tips on nutrition (not only for girls!), and give us a first intro on what will be her plan for her next articles: what, when and what eating and drinking, during, before and after…windsurfing! You want even more? Stay tuned!


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