Did you ever wonder how it is to be part of the Black Team. Did you ever see how professional windsurfers live and train? Did you ever wish to live like this or meet athletes behind the scenes?

This winter Point-7 and it’s Black Team organized one week for anyone to join them at their homespot to experice what the pros do, teach their tricks and enjoy windsurfing together.

A full week of pure windsurfing and living the beach like the pros do. Does not happen often in sport where the pubblic gets given the chance to enjoy time together with professional sport guys. available to teach at a very high level, share time together to learn more about the sport.


Indeed this was the case! This February the first edition of the event took part in el Medano, and it was a great success. It was fun for the people who came to visit and it was fun for the team. As windsurfing is a lifestyle, you are happy to share this time with people who enjoy the same passion, the fun and the time together becomes great. It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter how old you are, it does not matter what you do in life, windsurfing is a sport which levels out everyone to be in a great mood, allowing to enjoy the company of great friendship and healthy days. Exactly the atmosphere which the friends who took part at this event, were able to experience

During the 5 days the wind was pushing everyday, except for the first one. There were a lot of different activities planned, together with windsurfing stages, and enjoyable dinners. We beleive that everyone had a great time, and for us of Point-7 were again proud of our Black Team who worked as a Team to secure the fun for everyone.

Andrea Cucchi had the idea to organize people to join the Black Team for a week of windsurfing at high level. I saw that he was super busy with work, so I took over and organized it. I had already the experience with other camps I organized, so I knew already how to keep guests busy! I had each one of the team in taking care of the different activities. Some were doing the morning wake up sports, some took the guys surfing or sup, some gave private lessons, some did stages to explain better how to have the perfect stance on the equipment… it was a great event. For next year we will repeat it, and I’ve now in mind a lot of things which will make it much more fun!
Vincent Langer GER 122

It’s always great when the brand and the team get the chance to spend more time with our clients, friends, people who windsurf for the fun of windsurfing. It helps getting a lot of great feedback and keeps our brand to learn even more. Again I need to thanks my team who did everything to organize properly the event, specially for this time, team captain Vincent Langer. Our next event that we offer will be the Black Defi Project!
Andrea Cucchi ITA-1

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