FIN OR FOIL Bump and Jump it and take it to the waves.

Whether it’s foil or fin, the most important is to get on the water to have fun. The F1e is the perfect balanced sail to have great performance both when using a foil or fin under your board.

Starting from 499,00 €



 Size  Luff Foil  Luff fin  Mast  Extention  Boom Trim  Boom  Kg (+-5) Top Battens Cams Tack Strap Clew  rdm mast  sdm mast  Best Mast  Ext Rdm 32  Ext Rdm  48  Ext Sdm 32  Ext Sdm 48  Alu+ Boom  Carbon+ Boom  Best Boom Harness lines Adjustable Outhaul 
5,4 424 426 400 28 170+-2 172 3,40 Fixed 5 1 no 2 ring K87 K97 no K87 K97 yes no 140 160 140 150 140 160 140 150 170 Both Vario yes

Whether it’s foil or fin, the most important is to get on the water and have fun. The F1e is the perfect balanced sail to have great performance both when using a foil or fin under your board.


Developing a sail able to satisfy all needs on a foil under 15 knots and blasting on a fin from 13 knots up to 21 knots.


A bump & jump freestyle wave designed to do tricks both on fin and foil on freestyle to free wave boards.


The 5.4 could be called the revolution in bump and jump. Bump and Jump means blasting with your freestyle wave board at high speeds in stronger winds and enjoy saw basic jumping up to looping, and nice board carving.  Imagine having a bit more drive below, a small cam, which pushes to have the extra power, stability and takes you to do all this which much more stability and control. Having a sail that pulls like a 6.0 but holds wind like a 5.0. This is how the F1E 5.4 feels on a fin. While on a foil, when the wind is light, you don’t need to look for a slight bigger sail than you would normally buy, as that extra profile given by the small cam, will give the extra power to fly on a foil in light wind, more stability for pumping the board out of the water, and as the wind is light and gusty often, the cam will provide the continues drive to the foil for the extra stability. The rotation of the cam? You will have to look if there is actually a cam in the sail!


The right sail to have as the biggest size, with incredible range if used with both foil and fin.


The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom and Freestyle World Tour. Winners of the Defi Wind, record holders from the One Hour Classic. Pwa Vice world champions.


The F1e sits in the Point-7 range as the recreational sail for both foiling and fin.  Designed specifically for fun and user-friendliness, but at the same time giving the extra edge for both uses. Having to work on a foil and on fin, you would think the sails to be compromises, but thanks to the smart set up, and wind range they will be used in, the sail will outperform any expectations.


The F1e having the cams, need to have the mast inserted over the cams in the mast sleeve. Downhaul 10cm to the end. Place the boom head and pull the clew. Place the cams on the mast, and pull the downhaul down to the foil settings, or 3cm for the fin setting.


We took time to come out with foils sails, as at the beginning there was just a rush to have a foil sail, by justifying a small change. We took our time as we did not want to make a recreational foil sail to be used only with foiling. We know that people will mainly use their foils in lighter winds, but then will also windsurf with the fin as the wind picks up. So our thought was to make a sail to work good with both foil and fin.  

  • Designed for foiling up to 18knots from zero.
  • Designed for fin from 13 knots to 21 knots.
  • The only big sail needed if you foil for fun.
  • Early planning and easy handling and
  • 5 battens and 1 bottom cam on the 5.4

F1E 5.4

F1E 5.4

Generating a good deal of bottom end grunt power and drive. The bottom batten boosted by a cam and wider sleeve supplies the stability to the foil, but also the power of a 6.0 on a 5.4

The center of effort is located high and forward in the draft, using a rich forward positioned high profile for great drive mixed with good skin tension.

Locked in profile and winglet effect, mid-size head and light adjustable opening according if going for foil or fin.

Moving behind the mast panel area, the profile of the sail is totally flat making the sail easy in overpowered foil or fin conditions.

High-cut foot and high clew eyelet positions for bump and jump specific tricks. Short boom length. Upper ring for bump and jump. Lower ring for foiling.

Neutral central profile. Translating power from gusts into more speed and light feel. Balanced in the hands, and balanced handling.

5mil central transparent monofilm visibility window. X-ply Anti UV- window only where it would not obstruct perfect vision

2.5 mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for light weight and forgiving in landings. All our Ply, X-ply and Scrims monofilm are produced in the Unites States.

5mil Anti UV- X-ply base panel for protection from accidents.

X-ply alternate batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. 5.4 meets the need to have the same set up as our 5-batten wave sail

Wide Dacron sleeve and 1 cam for deep profile drive and stability.


Wind range on a foil Wind range on a fin Type of board
Min to 15 knots 14 to 22knots Any