If you’re looking for power, but power which can plane in the lightest conditions and at the same time challenge even the toughest situations, this is the sail for you.

starting from 499,00 €



SizeLuffMastExtentionBoom TrimBoomKg (+-5)TopBattensClewrdm mastsdm mastBest MastExt Rdm 32Ext Rdm 48Ext SdmAlu+ BoomCarbon+ BoomHarness linesVulcano
4,03643702146+-21482,76Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140140fixedyes
4,238137012150+-21522,85Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140140/150fixedyes
4,539337024152+-21543,04Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140140/150fixedyes
4,739937030158+-21603,09Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140/160140/150fixedyes
5,041340014164+-21663,14Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140/160140/150fixedyes
5,442740028170+-21723,33Fixed52 ring60/80/100no80 rdmyesyesno140/160140/150fixedyes
5,944043012176+-21783,42Fixed52 ring60/80/10060/80/10080 rdmyesyesno140/160140/150fixedyes
6,445343024182+-21843,61Fixed52 ring60/80/10060/80/10080 rdmyesyesno160/180140/150/170fixedyes


Freestylers this is your non compromise to go extreme! It’s built to stand out and be the Sh!t! Yentel Caers has travelled the main freestyle spots bringing this discipline to the next level. Our Slash, had to follow Yentel needs, and has brought him to win multiple EFTP events, reaching PWA podiums, and all of this with the true freestyle addiction. If you are tired of single moves, get the slash to close simply any double moves


The freestyle sail which has no limits, and no wind range limits.


The sail is a powerful toy, with fast acceleration to allow moves in shorter spaces, power in lighter winds and higher stability in stronger winds. Lots of Pop! Stability all around its structure. In a double move sequence, it will not limit the power to the first move.


Super light in the hands with good power on the front hand to make you feel the extreme acceleration in no space. It delivers an exact profile spot to rely on and exercise all the moves around. It will allow to have power even to finish the second move. You will not need to use your own power and extra skill to finish the move. Easy and comfortable in all the conditions to allow the focus only on the best way to stand out!


The batten layout on the full outline has been changed, bringing a stiffer leech to offer a bigger stability and control during the show. The lower batten profile has been re-shaped to have the sail to rotate faster and more direct when switching stance and tacks. A double mini-batten has been added to the biggest panel in the sail for extra tension in the area. The clew has been lowered further to allow a better ducking.


Through a clean and addictive freestyle mood, the Slash has conquered multiple EFTP winds, and conquered PWA podiums this year.

We decided to work on this beast also with our slalom team and then having Ricardo Campello to finalize its profile and geometry for optimal wave sailing. A new true adventure. Having a dedicated wave sail to bring non-pro wave sailors to have an automatic pilot to go and hit that lip.  Not only the power to have the right drive through a bottom turn but allowing to go as radical as being on a four-batten wave sail without being too technical wave sailors. The Salt is there for the pro wave sailors, so there was no need to try to make the same sail in 5 battens. Thanks to Ricardo, the comfort of the sail in rough conditions, the speed in the rotation for executing moves, is making this 5-batten wave sail become an amazing handling and powerful sail. You ask, it delivers.

Andrea Cucchi – ITA 1


Ensuring efficient power transfer to the board, even with a shorter boom length, whilst remaining balanced in the hands. This dependable control remains a feature of the Spy throughout its wind range, allowing it to adapt effortlessly to any number of roles.



5-batten construction, with important profile along the lower 3 battens to satisfy the stability and power in all conditions.


Two eyelet positions. The lower eyelet to create more opening of the lower leach to increase control in stronger wind, and the higher eyelet to increase power and acceleration. We do advise the upper eyelet, unless you are a lightweight sailor.


a central profile with a thin leading edge. A great deal of shape locked low and forward in the draft, providing plenty of obvious bottom end power and drive. On its minimum setting, the pronounced profile is complimented with plenty of movement in its large Dacron luff panel and luff tube, its structure maintained by the bottom battens pushing forward to sit flush with the mast’s leading edge. Even on maximum setting the Spy displays plenty of shape, the bottom batten retaining plenty of rotation as the leech falls away significantly, to allow speed and fast release.


100% assembled with X-ply laminates, mixing the base with the 5 mil Anti UV-Black X-ply Laminate, the entire upper body with the 2.5 mil Anti UV-Black X-ply Laminate, and 5mil X-ply transparent window. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight and improved reflex.



The Spy is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile to obtain a slight loose leach which falls to the front point of the first top mini batten. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control but do give a good outhaul tension until you find your perfect performance. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens without overtightening them. If the wind becomes increasingly severe, the Spy can be retuned with more tension, increasing the twist in the leech without losing much shape in the draft.