The Foil and Hybrid series.

Point-7 has invested lots of energy to focus on the development of specific foiling products. Presenting the first foil range in 2020 and being working on daily basis on new sail concepts, mast lines (F100), our own foils named Black Bullet foils, and special vario harness called F1 Vario.

Taking the Code 285_Blue to differentiate both foil and hybrid lines.

Our full foil and hybrid lines are called the F1.

F1sl are the full racing sails for foiling events at top national, long distance and world cup level. Ranging from 4.7 up to 9.0 in 5 dedicated sizes. Extra performance can be achieved if used with our F100 masts.

The Hybrid series called the F1e for both foil and fin. The right compromise for foiling or going on a fin. Developed in 4 different sizes: 5.4. 6.4, 7.4, 8.4 We still beleive that if we can offer a sail for PURE FUN that can cover both disciplines is better than to a foil dedicated sail only. You can use them for wind foiling in less than 15 knots, and over 14 knots you can use them for windsurfing: a smart solution for those who want to enjoy both disciplines without having to buy double rigs.

A new entry for 2023 will be the F1x: The slalom no cam dedicated to foiling. We are sure you know our AC-X slalom no cam. The master piece of slalom with no cams that has been winning all tests on magazines. Well, this is our foil version. Available in 3 sizes from end of November 2022: 5.9, 6.9 and 7.9.

Match them with our Black Bullet foils, and they will perform as comfortable and stable as you have dream of.