In our next world wide Point-7 location, we meet up with Pro Wind 92, which is based in the south of Fuerteventura offering equipment rental for you to take with you and windsurf freely around the island. Here are some info:

Name of the Centre: ProWind Freestyle 92

Country: Spain, Fuerteventura

Spot: School Matas blanca

Type: SlalomFreeride| Freestyle | wave

Standard wind conditions: Strong off shore, flat water

Opening months: 12

Opening hours: 10:00 to 19:00

Closest airport: Puerto del Rosario

Type of accommodation available in the area: All kind of accommodation

Website: PROWIND92.COM

FB: Pro Wind Fuerteventura

Other contacts: 0034 606994741


Tell us when the centre first opened and the evolution during these years.
We open 3 years ago and it going well

Why would a windsurfing client find your windsurf rental in Fuerteventura unique, and choose your system for their holidays?
Because we are the only ones offering RENT & GO 

How would a windsurfing client spend a typical day for a windsurfing at your spot. From when he wakes up till he goes to sleep. (Include activities such as other sports, meals, night life, relaxing time…)
In Fuerte there is everyday wind from the morning to the noon. There is a good restaurant typical tapas and much more. Fuerte is famous for the beautiful beaches and not for the night style, even if there is some places where to make parties. 

How many days of holidays would be perfect to enjoy the island?