Çağla Kubat.



TV Personality, Windsurfer on PWA World Tour, Lover of the Sea, Lover of Nature, Lover of Animals, Lover of my country, and most of all, mother of Selin7.  Cagla graduated from Italian high school in Istanbul where she was the first in her class.  Afterwards she went to Istanbul Technical University where she received her degree in Mechanical Engineering.  During her time in University she started modeling which led her to represent Turkey in the 2002 Miss Universe contest in Puerto Rico.  Afterwards she started working in television doing sport programs, hosting talk shows, and acting in several popular television series.
During all this time she was continuing her racing often times flying in the morning to Alacati for one day of training and catching the plane back to Istanbul at night so she could work the next day .  She has been 9 x Turkish Slalom champion, 1 x IFCA European champion, and has had a couple of PWA podium finishes.
In 2011 she opened with her husband Jimmy Diaz, the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy in Alacati, where one of her biggest ambitions is to motivate the younger generation to take up the sport and follow her passion.



Alacati, Turkey

tba cm

tba kg




  • 6th PWA Overall Slalom Women
  • 3rd Slalom Women PWA Alacati
  • 2nd Slalom Women


  • Baby!!
  • 6th Slalom WomenPWA Alacati


  • 4th PWA Overall Slalom Women
  • 3rd Slalom Women PWA Alacati


Which will be your first event?
PWA Women’s Slalom – Leucate in April

Which will be your 2016 goals which you were not able to achieve in 2015?
Top 3 PWA Slalom

What is your plan these next months before your first event?
Right now we are training in the Virgin Islands, then a short trip back to Turkey, and then off to Tenerife for more training.

What have you implemented in your training that you did not do before?
Last year I lost too much weight…around 8 kg. Right now I am implementing into my physical training the gaining back of those kilos. Last year I also had very little high wind training which affected me very much in Noumea. This year I will spend some time in Tenerife to get some of that high wind training. What will be another project you have in mind apart from results? For years one of my biggest ambitions regarding windsurfing has been to promote the sport in Turkey. Like everywhere, windsurfing has had its’ ups and downs in terms of participation in Turkey. I believe the young sailors are the best way to inject more interest in the sport. At my windsurf academy we are continuously pushing to get the kids more involved not only in learning but also in getting excited for races and events. As every year, we hold races specifically for kids in which they are the only participants. Last year we were just shy of 100 racers. This year we will have more kids events and we hope to pass the 100 mark.

What will you not do in 2016, that you did in windsurfing in 2015?
In general in 2015 I stretched myself out too thin. I had been involved in so many projects and with running the academy it cut in too much into my windsurfing. In 2016`I hope to have fewer distractions that will allow me to concentrate more on the racing.


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