SLASH Z17 | Freestyle

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The sail which reached PWA podium in its first generation and first event.  Lift, lightweight, LOTS OF POP, short boom, high foot, and straight profiled battens! These were the requests from our freestylers.  To meet the requirements of the team, a large Dacron panel was introduced into a four-batten construction to create earlier planing and more pop in the sail. The straight profile in the top of the sail combined with a tight leech allows for super easy ducking of the sail and back winded tricks. No gimmicks have been invented or stitched onto the sail. The team requested the most functional freestyle sail possible with a slashed down weight to have no restraints for pulling the fastest and highest moves.

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Size Luff Mast Ext Boom Vario Battens
4,0 367 340 28 150 4
4,4 401 370 24 153 4
4,8 412 400 12 158 4
5,2 419 400 20 165 4
5,5 438 430 8 170 4

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