AC-F Crossover 022



• Plenty of blasting performance for a freeride.
• Super light construction,
• Early planning and easy handling and
• Demands very little from its user
• Speed, maneuverability, power, easy
• battens are displaced with three kinds of different tube diameters,
• Light-wind qualities over high wind performance.
• 5-battens set up in the 2 smaller sizes, for bump and jumping.
• 6-batten set up for the 3 bigger sizes, cross batten to for speed in light conditions.

Designed for: Everyone ready to just have lots of quality Fun, Freedom, Friendly handling. There are many freeride sails on the market, but this is one pure performance and exclusive freeride sail. Its duty is simply to let riders enjoy the magic of the sport! It’s not built to be the beginner freeride sail, but a real quality-built tutor.

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