Quiver Guidance

Salt or Spy? Which is my style?

Wave sails are all about style, our sails enjoy any condition with any rider whatever the conditions; it’s just finding out which one suits your style! All sails have excellent planning performance. The Spy is all about power, drive and stability. Heavier riders, onshore conditions or even blasting oriented riders will be able to get the most out of this powerhouse sail! Ideal also for bump and jump or simple free-style moves. The Salt, with its super compact outline and 4-batten lay out, is all about maneuverability. Profile only on the lower batten, and flat entry on the other battens, good batten rotation around the mast sleeve, will give slightly less power in the rider’s hands and a lighter feel. Compact and dynamic whilst still maintaining drive the Salt is all about taking your moves to the next level of new school wave sailing and freestyling. The Salt is the perfect wave/freestyle sail for riders wanting a highly reactive feel.

Salt pro against the Slash?

Let’s take the Slash against the Salt. Both have 4 battens. Where is the difference? The Slash has no profile on the battens for throwing the sail straight into the wind without that it changes direction.  The Salt has it to have more drive in the bottom turn. The rotation of the battens on the slash is more. This gives a fuller front profile when needing to float after a pop, and therefore have more time to execute a move. The Salt has less to be more reactive and neutral when going for the cut back. The Slash has less loose leach in order to have more stability and more power in the air. The Salt has more to be more comfortable in a wider variety of conditions. The slash has a straight base cut higher for ducking moves. The salt has less to have more power to get planning in super light offshore conditions as well, and some profile in that area. The Salt has a higher clew and grommet for more comfort while surfing the wave. So, both will do the job for both, but prioritize your choice according to which of the 2 disciplines you will do the most.

AC-F Freeride or AC-X No-Cam Slalom?

Both sails are more friendly oriented sails. The AC-F in our case, is the real no compromise maneuverable free ride sail to be used on any free ride board. With a good free ride board, all you will need to worry about is to enjoy windsurfing. While the AC-X our slalom offers a more slalom influence on the AC-F due to a more slalom outline and extra 2 batten. Your board choice could help you choose between the sails model. If you are looking for a more advanced freeride sail the AC-X can be an interesting sport slalom sail.  The AC-X will pull you out from the relaxing side of windsurfing and will welcome you to challenge the surfers who will even be on full slalom race gear.

Choosing the right Sail

Cams or no Cams