NUTRITION # During Sailing

Hi girls!
Do you spend hours of windsurfing on the water and you forget to eat? Or are you not eating enough? Or no idea what to eat? Here are some tips to help you out during windsurfing.

Healthy food or eating enough is important because it can really help you to perform better or feel better. Loosing energy or breaking down your muscles is not what you want! During intensive exercise like windsurfing you need especially fast Carbohydrates. For exercise longer than 90 min it will improve your performance. So during training sessions on the water or during competitions with short heats quick after each other, the easiest way to get Carbohydrates is to mix it in your drinks. Carbohydrates powder or drinks for example like Aquarius. If it is possible to eat quickly before running to your next heat or training on the water, eat some carbohydrates fruits like bananas or some bars with nuts and raisins. For example Power bars and gels.

Are you drinking enough? This is also a really important thing that can have effect on your performance. The easiest way to test this is weight your self before and after the training. If you lost more than 2% of your body weight you have to drink more otherwise it will affect your performance. Nowadays you have some light and small travel scales to take with you, this will make it easy for you to measure.

In the next episodes we’ll take a closer look to the nutrition before- and after sailing. Good luck on the water!
Regards Esther

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