Lena Erdil is Vice World Champion

JAPAN, KOREA & PORTUGAL. She always started out from her home spot Bodrum in Turkey, and flew to those places to become PWA Slalom Vice World Champion 2018! This is Lena Erdil TUR-33! Photos [...]

Why you go to events

Did you ever ask your self why you would like to go to a windsurfing competition event, or why people do? We do a free sport surrounded by nature, but some people like to lock themselves between [...]

The first PWA experience

Ever wondered how it would be starting in your first ever PWA World Cup event? We asked our riders which experiences they went through taking part in their first ever PWA event and all that goes [...]

Lena´s Morocco experience

After a welcomed first editions of PWA womens wave event in Morocco, we caught up with Lena to hear about her experience and how it was for her competing for the first time ever in these type of [...]

Discovering a new passion

How many years it took you to start planning or to use a harness? What is the lowest temperature you’ve been windsurfing? Well, let us tell you the story of Tania and how she learnt and got [...]

Slalom Pro Training Lanzarote

Tenerife, Tarifa, Lanzarote. It looks like more and more Slalom training camps are growing around the different top winter spots in Europe. What is it all about? These Slalom training camps are [...]

Saipan, Micronesian Islands

Last year, I went to Saipan with my Black Team Japan for filming from one our team sponsors: Scosche. The island is warm, windy and beautiful. Another true paradise that windsurfing likes to make [...]

Maui Adventures Part 1

Since I’ve come here i have been asked the question ‘is it your first time in Maui?’ a lot of times, a question that for me kind of deserves a bit of an explanation so here it goes: I came to [...]

360 Windsurfing – Lena Erdil

During the Tahta surf festival that i hosted at my centre we did a little 360 windsurf clip of me sailing in Ortakent. The wind was quite light so the action is not amazing, BUT its still [...]


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