NUTRITION #1- Introduction

Hi Girls!
Beside being a pro windsurfer I’m also a student of movement science. One of the subjects of this study might be an interesting one for you too, namely sport nutrition. Following these courses I realized that healthy food and sport nutrition is really important and it helps you to perform better. So we came up with the idea to give you information about the nutrition to improve your windsurfing.

From my experience I know that during windsurfing it’s hard to eat the right food on the right time. Often you are too busy with windsurfing that you forget to eat and then the next day you’re wondering why you’re so tired. With the right food you’ll have more energy and you’ll recover faster.

In the upcoming episodes I will write about sport nutrition before, during and after windsurfing. I hope this will make you realize how important food can be and hope you’ll see some results really quick.


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