waist harness

The waist harness for all disciplines. The harness from the PWA Slalom Champion!

Ergonomically shaped combining optimal freedom with maximal support. Ideal for any kind of discipline, whether your sport of choice is wave sailing, freestyle or just flatwater cruising? You might call it cruising, but if Matteo Iachino, the PWA Slalom World Champion, has been using it the whole PWA tour, it’s not cruising: it’s about having enough comfort, to be the fastest slalom windsurfer on the planet!

  • Quick release system.
  • Hidden hook for clean design and stability.
  • Ergonomic and light to feel the sail better.
  • Wider support to spread load, but with soft edges to allow most radical moves.
  • Direct. No useless paddings.
  • Used in Freestyle and Wave discipline by PWA riders.
  • Used by the PWA Slalom World Champion.

The harness is built using only the best selected materials; ensuring the perfect mix of durability and comfort; tailor made quality.

The back support is generous high, to allow more area to take the power of the sail, and therefore more comfort for long hours of windsurfing. The sides though, are very flexible to have the material to follow the movement of the body, without feeling locked in.
Light, no gimmicks, simple and real.


Waist Size 48 50 52 54 56
CM 76-83 81-88 86-93 91-98 96-103
Inch 30-32 32-34 34-36 36-38 38-40

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