The first three batten wave sail to achieve a top 10 result in the PWA wave ranking. This was back in 2012 and today Point-7 presents its fifth generation of development.  Great down the line, ultra-light wave sail that combines a positive forward drive when bottom turning with completely neutral backhand pressure when top turning. The Swag combines a healthy forward driven profile, which ensures ultra-stability in the rig, and neutrality ideal for pure wave sailing. Be amazed by its wind range!

Developed with focus on drive and release at the right point, giving the rider the perfect performance and great fun. No flapping when overpowered, no useless drag, increased stability, speed, but most importantly lots of flow whilst wave sailing and cruising. The leach opening is more central, and there is no need to have disturbing loose leech on the upper part therefore increasing the stability once again. The construction has reduced the weight of the sail. The rotation allows stability in the jumps, but still keeping the correct amount of ON/OFF profile. The vario top system is developed to allow you to have no extra webbing flapping if you are using the correct mast, and means you are not wearing out the head of the sail whilst using it.


I love this three batten wave sail in side shore\side off condition such as in Maui. This is where I sail most of my time.  It was a real Swag. I have never used such a fun wave sail!  Easy and light: a toy in the hands, forgetting that it’s a three batten when I am on it. An amazing sail all round to have fun with a light and easy simple sail, and at the same time a top expert sail for those who get the chance to sail in real wave conditions.

Amanda Beenen, H 666

Size Luff Mast Mast Diameter Mast Advice % Ext Ext Type Boom Boom Type Vario Battens
3,3 350 340 rdm 80, 100, 60 10 rdm 32/48 139 Alu/carbon 3
3,7 364 340 rdm 80, 100, 60 26 rdm 32/48 146 Alu/carbon 3
4,1 374 370 rdm 80, 100, 60 6 rdm 32/48 154 Alu/carbon 3
4,5 404 370 rdm 80, 100, 60 34 rdm 48 160 Alu/carbon 3
4,9 414 400 rdm 80, 100, 60 16 rdm 32/48 166 Alu/carbon 3

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