This is the sail for the youngsters who wants to have the same qualities in their sail as the adults. Balanced and scaled for the smaller people!


  • Light and compact
  • Designed for planing and cruising
  • 4 battten layout
  • Developed for young guns
  • Scaled power for lighter riders
  • Dedicated S!CK components
    (mast & boom)
  • Full anti-uv Xply monofilm

What’s new

Its all in the details: Taking the characteristics of the Salt 3G wave sail, the all new S!CK has been uniquely designed to accommodate the youngest and lightest of riders, ensuring a responsive rig delivering the same flexibility and dynamic as a standard sized rig for mature sized riders. Constructed using only pristine UV resistant materials, the S!CK balances reduced weight features with durability, whilst providing maximum agility and manoeuvrability on the water. The 4-batten construction gives full support to the sail body ensuring stability in a wide wind range, drive and ease of use. The S!CK’s wide range makes it the perfect sail for everything from flat water sailing, to freestyle or battling the elements in the waves.
The S!CK is the perfect companion for the next generation of windsurfers, ensuring that the fun factor is maintained, without any restrictions.


SizeLuff (+-2cm)MastComp. MastExtensionBoom (+-2cm)Vario TopBattents
2,4280300 S!CK300 SKOOL6,0122yes4
3,1300300 S!CK300 SKOOL6,0133yes4
3,8328300 S!CK300 SKOOL32,0144yes4

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