The Salt is the Point-7 all-out performance orientated four batten wave sail. Comprising high skin tension and a tight leech, Point-7 has created a very manoeuvre and reactive oriented ride maintaining a slightly flat batten profile over the boom. The Salt is fast riding on the waves, quick to respond in the new school wave sailing and ultra-light in your hands. Lots of S/shaping in the battens gives extra speed to jump higher.


  • Pure wave
  • 4 battens layout
  • Designed for new school wave sailing
  • Neutral through moves and cut
  • Great drive through the bottom turn
  • Lots of stability in jumps
  • Highly reactive feeling
  • Full anti uv-monofilm

What’s new

The SALT has been part of a continuous evolution since first introduced. Each size is tested separately according to the designated wind intensity for which the sail is designed for. A pure new school wave sail. The individual changes made on each size have been made very specific to create the perfect sail range. Sail profile, rotation and twist, was tuned on each size to make the sails feel more free and lighter in the hands to allow the riders to focus on the real deal. Development was focused making the sail lighter and stronger, with a lighter feel whilst giving more control to the rider for that extra comfort. The more commercial version against the Campello edition.  A new vario top system is developed which allows to have no extra webbing flapping, if you are using the correct mast, and which is not wearing out while using the sail.

It’s my sail, but with some extra details to make it more friendly due to the more options it gives. Vario Top, clew positioning. The extra reinforcements will give you a longer life to the sail, but you can exactly do what you see I do in my photos and video’s, but that’s on you now!

Ricardo Campello


SizeLuff (+-2cm)MastComp. MastExtensionBoom (+-2cm)Vario TopBattents
3,6360340 rdm370 rdm22145yes4
4,0374370 rdm340 rdm6150yes4
4,2380370 rdm12152yes4
4,5382370 rdm14156no4
4,8400370 rdm400 rdm32162yes4
5,0408400 rdm370 rdm10164yes4
5,2410400 rdm12165no4
5,6428400 rdm30173no4

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