SALT Campello


The limited edition of the SALT 6g called the CampelloLTD. The sail that has brought Ricardo Campello back on the podium at the PWA 2015. The sail that made Ricardo claim his first wave event victory at the PWA in La Torche. One of the most spectacular conditions ever.  A special version of the SALT 6G on the special demand and wishes of the champ.


  • Pure pro wave
  • 4 battens layout
  • Neutral through moves and cut
  • Great drive through the bottom turn
  • Lots of stability in jumps
  • Highly reactive feeling
  • Perfect sail for wavesailing like a pro rider
  • More lighter and aggressive than classic model

What’s new

Ricardo Campello is a champion in his own right, with several world titles already to his name and a burning desire to clinch the PWA wave world title as well, so when he outlined his special requirements for a signature sail, development followed suit. No x-ply window which could hinder visibility, no more vario top, xply batten pockets, light XXX Black Laminate, new outhaul eyelet system, new battens and a special design based on the Venezuelan flag was made up to support his nation and little boost to go triple radical!

Thanks to the development done on the Salt already last year I was able to pull off moves that gave me high scores on the waves. This new lighter version for 2016 will be the deal I need to push my limits even further.  It’s exciting to have my own version of the sail, no limits, no boundaries in development. This is how real development works!

Ricardo Campello


SizeLuff (+-2cm)MastComp. MastExtensionBoom (+-2cm)BattensVario top
3,6354340 rdm370 rdm16,01454no
4,0370370 rdm340 rdm4,01504no
4,2378370 rdm10,01524no
4,5382370 rdm14,01564no
4,8396370 rdm400 rdm28,01624no
5,0402400 rdm370 rdm4,01644no
5,2410400 rdm12,01654no
5,6428400 rdm30,01734no

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