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Can this be a test winner from magazines as well? Well the 2015 was, and from there we developed even further! Many still don’t know where the name AC-1 derives from. However, it’s nothing too elaborate but simply the initials and sail number of Andrea Cucchi put together. Point-7 founder, head of development, team manager and the man who last year decided to create a group of young professionals and have them to train together under the name BLACK TEAM. Not only testing the sail for straight-line speeds, but also checking how the sail would perform in the starts and jibing around the marks with seven other riders closely in pursuit just as in real competition conditions for which a racing sail is developed. This level of development and practise of testing took the Point-7 gear to a new level of perfection. The dedication put behind the team and the advance made on the rig ensured podium results at any level: long distances such as the Defi Wind, PWA slalom podium results, overall PWA podium results many national and international results with many young riders being able to make stand out results.

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This is our no compromise-racing monster, but due to the development brought in 2015, the sail became so light and easy that probably is now one of the friendliest racing sails on the market. Reason why it’s also appreciated by lighter weight sailors, and not only the over 90kg and by 190cm PWA riders. Last year we took no shortcuts to reduce the sail weight, which would have been easily done by only reducing reinforcements or by using thinner materials. The effort was for Point-7 to reduce the weight of the sail, by going through the technical parts, and obtaining the weight reduction by increasing the performance of the sail at the same time. Objects need to look beautiful from the performance, construction and not only from the look.
For 2016 we worked on the mast sleeve for all sizes. We wanted it too look technically beautiful and clean. The reason was to find the extra reactivity, lighter frontal weight, and comfort, according to the size of the sails, and for the conditions it would have been used in. Each size has a different set up to allow smaller sizes to be more controllable in tough conditions, and the bigger sizes more reactive.
The AC-One has also integrated the new base protector to help further the decrease in weight from the front part of the sail.
This decrease in weight and the material layout in the different areas of the mast sleeve, has allowed the sails to get faster on the planning, the acceleration from low speed top speed to increase, and the trim of the board to sit higher in order to pass the rolling swell at a higher speed, and the chop as a hovercraft.

The new AC-One Zero16, from 8.6 to 9.7 have a re-design outline for extra power in light wind. Without compromising the top speed, the sail gains a slightly extra backhand in light wind to squeeze more power when going over the side waves, and improve in the upwind reaching. There is also a selection of extra clew eyelets under the cut out of batten 7, giving the possibility to have different boom settings and lengths, according to the power desired
according to the weight and board of the sailor. An important change, which brings these fast AC-One big sizes, to have the extra boost of power when needed.
The 7.2 has implemented a new cam configuration, which delivers a total new drive for extra stability and power throughout the full wind spectrum for this size. Translated to facts the sails have mainly gained the ability to increase the performance around the course. The extra power in the bigger sizes, with different eyelet options,
boom lengths, new outline, to satisfy any personal needs: an advantage to be even more competitive when starting from the pin, or just to have the extra power to point upwind, or going over the swell at higher speeds. The extra acceleration at low speeds, for when exiting the jibes, or for a last minute acceleration on the starting line. The hovercraft feeling to trim the boards to pass easily over the waves.

We dedicate this Zero16 version to our friend and rider Alberto Menegatti. We remember him telling us how happy he was of his Zero15 edition, which unfortunately never had the chance to bring into racing. Our motivation to achieve the goal of Alberto is strong in all of us, and now for 2016, we are motivated more than ever to supply a racing product, that together with our Black Team, have been worked in each size independently. The sails were tested on different board brands to explore further the details which could have been implemented to support the different needs. This gave the chance to the new AC-One Zero16 to have a full check up on every characteristic to be the winning choice.

Andrea Cucchi


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