Another test winner in 2015, which goes even lighter and more into the racing direction for 2016. Take all the goodies from a full on competition slalom sail, put them into a manageable package and you’ve got the AC-K. Featuring a medium sizes luff pocket, a sweet smooth rotating 3-cam set-up combined with a lot of low-end power to get planning nice and early. The AC-K is a high-speed powerhouse, that is easy to handle, and sits ridicules light in your hand, keeps the board at a steady hover above the water to give you the best possible control and speed out of your kit.

About the sail

  • Power, combined with acceleration
  • Medium sized mast sleeve
  • 3 cam set-up
  • High speed and comfort in half wind
  • Easy to use
  • For national racing and being the fastest on the local spot
  • Full anti uv-monofilm

What’s new

Check out the new mast sleeve construction and you will smell the art of racing, even more deriving from the AC-1 race sail line. Featuring some new development steps that will also be found on the 2016 version of the AC-1.  We always develop by comparing the differences between the AC-K and AC-1, and decided to reduce the differences and get the sails even closer to each other in terms of performance, keeping in mind that it needs to stay a friendly user’s sail.  We have worked on each detail by taking each size separately in order that according to the conditions, each size can offer either more power in light wind sizes, or extra comfort in smaller strong wind sizes: outline and leech twist, materials in the mast sleeve and body of the sail. The wind range, stability and smoothness of each size is nothing but spectacular. A negative leech reduces drag at higher speeds and gives a reduction of backhand pressure in higher winds. The top of the sail was equipped with a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind ad in the boom area more S-shaping continue to boost the overall acceleration in the sail. New Xply batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex.

I was surprised last year when we raced this sail on the real course. It was amazing fast, so less surprised when I saw it as a test winner on Planche Mag in 2015. It brings me back to one of the memories that will stay for the rest of my life. I was on the water with our forever friend Alberto Menegatti, and he could not overtake me, him being on the AC-1. I remember his face, going through his notes on fins, battens and boards. For him it was not possible that the AC-K could be so fast, it had to be that he had part of his own gear, which was not working. He changed for few hours to try to get faster than me, but only later, when he tried the AC-K he was back to be smiling again and his confidence was back! We really pushed the development of this sail and have left no gaps… Enjoy being kings out there!

Andrea Cucchi


SizeLuff (±2cm)MastComp. MastExtensionBoom (±2cm)CamsBattens
5,8432400 rdm3417436
6,4448430 sdm2019337
7,2469430 sdm460 sdm4020337
7,8487460 sdm2621537
8,5504490 sdm1622537
9,4517490 sdm3023837

Size Guidance

Weight (kg)50 – 6060 – 7575 – 9090+
Wind (kts)Sail SizeBoard VolumeSail SizeBoard VolumeSail SizeBoard VolumeSail SizeBoard Volume
6 -127,8110 / 1208,5120 / 1309,5130 / 1409,5130 / 150
10-166,4 / 7,1 / 7,8100 / 1107,1 / 7,8120 / 1307,8 / 8,5 / 9,5120 / 1407,8 / 8,5 / 9,5130 / 150
16 – 215,8 / 6,4 / 7,190 / 1005,8 / 6,4 / 7,1100 / 1207,1  / 7,8100 / 1307,1  / 7,8 / 8,5100 / 140
21 – 255,8 / 6,490 / 1005,8 / 6,490 / 1106,4 / 7,1100 / 1106,4 / 7,1100 / 120
25 – 315,880 / 1005,8 / 6,480 / 1005,8 / 6,490 / 1105,8 / 6,4 / 7,190 / 110
355,885 / 1005,885 / 1005,885 / 1005,885 / 100

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