About the sail

The first three batten wave sail which conquered a top 10 result in the PWA wave ranking. This was back in 2012 and today Point-7 present its third generation of development. Great down the line ultra-light wave sail, combining a positive forward drive when bottom turning with completely neutral backhand pressure when top turning. The swag comprises a healthy forward driven profile which ensured ultra-stability in the rig and neutrality ideal for pure wave sailing. Be amazed by its wind range!

What’s new

Developed with focus on drive and release at the right points giving the rider perfect performance. 2015 will be counting as the third evolution for this model. The main focus for this evolution was its: ‘cut away’ concept of the 80’s. By having too much loose leech in a three batten wave sail results in its body being too soft and thus less comfortable. By adapting the cut away concept on the Swag in both main central panels the sail has received a very positive change. No flapping when overpowered, no useless drag, increased stability, but most importantly it has gained a lot of flow whilst wave sailing. By adapting this concept there is less need of lose leech and the sail gains reactivity and stiffness.
New Size scale: 3.3 – 3.7 – 4.1 – 4.5 and 4.9. Consider each size, to function as one size bigger in comparison to a traditional four batten wave sails.

Key Points

  • 3 batten layout
  • An easy and fun wave sail
  • Super lightweight and reinforced
  • Great power, stability and drive
  • Neutral when needed
  • Soft and forgiving feeling
  • For those who are lighter weights
  • Allows to use a size smaller
  • Full Xply monofilm

Ricardo Campello

This was a real surprise. I had never tried a three batten sail before the Point-7 SWAG 2g.

It was a real Swag. Back at my home spot, I was not really appreciating it for freestyle. Was hard to say though, as I loved the Slash for that. Later I used the Swag in Maui and fell in love. I have ever used such a fun wave sail! I would book a ticket to Cabo Verde just to enjoy this wave product in great rad conditions. Easy and light: a toy in the hands, forgetting that it’s a three batten when I am on it.


SizeMastLuff (+-2cm)ExtensionBoom (+-2cm)Vario TopBattentsWeight (kg)

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