C 80



The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure durability and a good reflex that will lighten the feeling of any rig.
The best compromise between performance and durability.
The C80 mast range comprises a 80% carbon content and is produced to the exact specifications of the Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness.





Why this mast

An extra catapult, an extra crash, long time rigged, this mast will not suffer.
The performance against the C100 is very minimal and can only be measured with a clock, it will not be felt.
Best compromise between price, performance and durability.
Racing without any type of stress or worries!

Construction & Performance of the SDM

The sdm C 80 is based on the C 100 and is benefitting from the same construction utilizing a third layer of carbon in the top section of the mast for faster response.
Using the same high performance construction ensures this mast superior performance in comparison with others in its class.
Advantages gained from a higher glass content and lower carbon percentage, is that the masts are better protected against breakage but thereby also a little slower in its response than a pure carbon mast.
Consists of 3 carbon layers and 1 layer of glass.



Model I M C S Carbon %
400 19 80
430 21 80
460 25 80
490 29 80
520 32 80


Model I M C S Carbon %
340 15 80
370 17 80
400 19 80
430 21 80

At Point-7 each length mast is individually developed according to its size and estimated wind range. The reason for this development being that the qualities you seek in a large 9m slalom sail are very different from the qualities and performance characteristics from a 5m slalom sail which is used in strong wind. The result is a change in curve and stiffness according to length. This specific development guarantees that the user will always have a mast that delivers the outmost performance in its specific range. No matter your level of windsurfing, this development translates into performance for everyone.

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