The Salt Pro 2K18 in the making

We´re proud to present to you, the SALT PRO

If you´ve got a panther on the team, who wants to exceed his performance and his limits, his sail needs to be at the highest of level, and we need to make sure that we develop it to follow his ego.

Ricardo Campello does not enter the PWA World Tour to only score heats with scores over 35points, he wants to do it by being under the spotlight. A full on pushloop into forward and hitting lips in Hookipa with hypersonic speeds, is the simple base level performance demand in the design brief of this sail!

This year we decided to move away from having the Salt Campello, and a traditional Salt for our 4-batten wave sail, to focus more on one project to allow Ricardo Campello to be blacker than ever and the result is: The new Salt pro.

An integration of details that would make the word PRO fit behind it’s known name.

Bringing the Campello LTD version to have more love and passion in the profile, by inserting a pure Dacron panel in the front of the mast sleeve to allow the extra blending of forgiveness when landing higher jumps, but most important, the extra profile in lighter winds.

This doesn’t mean more profile than before, but the softness of the Dacron material, allows the profile to fill in with less power of the wind.  The transition from the mast sleeve to the body of the sail, has simply given that extra flow to the rig.

A second ring eyelet to the clew for depowering the sail in stronger condition, or for the smaller riders to have a better stance.

The window is a combination between the transparent monofilm, in the real centre of it, to have an ultra HD view of the waves, but integrated on the outside, the X-ply is there for protecting areas where you could still need that extra reinforcement.

Two structural clew reinforcements which follow towards the mast. This will donate more stability once landing back loops or any hard-stumped jumps.

Why black and yellow? These are the main colours of Point-7. The colours we like to wear when we get out there on the water and dominate the scene.

2018 Salt Pro from POINT-7 International on Vimeo.

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