Flat Water Development

Some of the slalom Black Team  is now in the Azores for the Ifca Slalom Worlds, some of its members are on Lake Garda getting development done on the flatwater sails.

Alberto Menegatti analyzes the outline of the AC-K

Here are some images of the Black Team undergoing the development of the AC-K.

Andrea Cucchi testing the AC-K on the lake Garda

Still under cover with graphics but looks like the main focus of the team is to get the AC-K to give a  hard time to the AC-1.

Another jibe of Andrea Cucchi, inside the CVT Harbor

The last days has seen Andrea Cucchi on the AC-K and Alberto Menegatti on the AC-1 battling it out and the results of the testing has been surprising even for the 2 pro riders.


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