AC-X development zero19

We design sails for being the fastest on the water. If you buy a slalom sail what do you want? To be the fastest! We go without any compromise towards this direction with all our AC-Lines. The [...]

How our sail development work

It’s often that sails which are presented on magazines are existing only as a graphical drawing.  The real sail does not yet exist.  Just as new car designs are presented. From seeing the image [...]

The Sri Lanka trip

Our chief developer makes recent trips to our production facilities to stay up to date with production processes and the natural evolution of our sails. Here are a few words from his recent trip: [...]


Are you 190 tall? Place your boom at 150. Are you 180 tall? Place your boom at 140. This would be excessively easy! The boom height is a very personal setting according to your ability, body [...]

Developing the SPY

If you’re looking for power, but power which can plane in the lightest conditions and at the same time challenge even the toughest situations, this is the sail for you. Onshore, blasting on bump [...]

Board volume & sail size

There are board volumes every 5 -10 litres in slalom boards. Which are then used on different type of slalom or slalom\freeride sails, such as the AC-F, AC-X and AC-K? We have prepared some extra [...]

Freestyle sail for waves

Can you use a freestyle sail in the waves? We asked our riders who gave us their straight answers based on their day to day sailing: Ricardo Campello V-111  ‘’The freestyle sail drive is way too [...]

Taking notes

It’s true to think that to become a good windsurfer you need to practice a lot, and true that some people might have more talent than others, but to us, all of this is not important. Our [...]

Developing the AC-F

This is for everyone who want to have fun on the water!  Isn’t this why we windsurf? Fun, Freedom, Friends. A lot of important F to describe the AC-F at best! There are many freeride sails on the [...]


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