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We hereby present our 11th year of Point-7.

There was only one component missing, and we wanted to go thorough each detail from our existing products.

This first task was done by introducing the new slalom carbon boom. We knew from our Black Team that the right shapes, reflex and stiffness from the boom, could be giving a very different performance to the rig, just as a good sail would do. Development and testing to create a unique product over years of work was finally reached. The drive and comfort you will find in our slalom carbon booms, will help understand why we have presented our boom line only after 11 years. We did not want to just re-brand what is ready in China. The result is that we invite you to compare our boom against any other boom on the market. The drive and comfort will give you the extra speed. We have riders currently on booms from other brands, who are just waiting to sell their booms to jump on ours whenever the stock will satisfy the demand we are having.

We have re-designed all our accessories to look arrogant and cool. Like them or hate them. Just as our sails. Vario harness lines have a new cleat to hold better and last longer. Adjustable outhauls are made to be more practical in releasing. The wave harness has the quick opening to fasten the hook automatically without having to thread the webbing each time.

Talking about showing off, the dominant black colour in the 2018 sails continues to be our trade mark. The clean lines from the design and graphics look light, modern and elegant.

We keep developing each sail line as we love to see our sails with top results in the magazines tests, just like the AC-K in 2017, which has received from both French magazines, the winning scores. Seeing the AC-One, AC-K and AC-X being the only sails getting a 10+ in speed on the tests, is again another amazing goal. Isn’t being the fastest on the water for the slalom sailors the most important thing?  We have brought more profile and new clew cut outs to the AC-K, to give more drive and control at all times for 2018. It will be closer to what a real race sail can perform!

On the AC-X we refined more the details, but without transforming the sail. We want to keep this AC-X a top end slalom product with no compromise. It’s not made for freeriding as many other brands set this type of sails to be. We want our clients to be the fastest! Otherwise the 6.9 and the 7.5 AC-F can be the more freeride slalom sail.

Going down to the AC-F we have increased rotational profile under the boom to offer extra power and drive in light winds. The 6.9 is now a six-batten slalom outline sail, which follows the same concept of the 7.5. The 6.9 has a boom of 199cm which allows the use of smaller booms. In 12 knots the sail is planning already and is fast and super light. AC-X, AC-K and AC-F are shown to be one of the lightest sails on the market.

The AC-One is under development and we have made till now over 30 protos. It’s a master piece and it has reached its maximum efficiency. It might not be a test winner, even if it has the best control, speed and acceleration, and this is because what pro riders want, is not what magazine tester can understand if they don’t bring the sail into a course. What they might feel as weight after the jibe, is power out of the jibe that they do not have the experience to use and understand. So an easy race sail out of the jibe, would not be of any use from a pro rider on a race course, but could result good in a magazine test. We could ask to test our AC-K against the race sails, but this would bring scandal between the testers!


Should we make your life easy? No more Salt and Salt Campello, but just the Salt Pro! All the positive ingredients from the two models into one dedicated sail! 2mil x-ply on the top. Mix of monofilm and X-ply on the window to allow visibility and still strength where needed. No vario top, double ring clew. A review leach opening to give more power and faster reflex. A Dacron panel to follow the mast sleeve to allow a more pleasant and comfortable feeling while landing jumps, and to boost up the speed on a bottom turn.

Swag and Spy have not been going through any development for this year. The main focus on waves was the Salt Pro. The success due to the development done in 2016, made no sense to change it again!

If our World Slalom Champion, Matteo Iachino is on our Black Team, the most radical wave show man Ricardo Campello is also on our Dark side, this year we are proud to present top 3 PWA freestyler to join Point-7:  Yentel Caers. our motivation to work on the Slash freestyle sail has been enormous, and yes, we have the Slash 3.6 for 2018!

Now, why don´t you click by our sail range page and check out all the new hot gear, and check out all the details you would like to find on each model!

Remember, at Point-7 we are all windsurfers. We enjoy this amazing sport every day, share our experiences and push our limits. This is why all our sails are made with that extra touch of passion you won´t find elsewhere!

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