Why you go to events

Did you ever ask your self why you would like to go to a windsurfing competition event, or why people do? We do a free sport surrounded by nature, but some people like to lock themselves between some marks, stress out on timing whether it’s for a start in slalom or if it’s a heat in wave.

The answer is being competitive and for sure to prove yourself against others, just like in any other sport, business, or challenge in life.


Basile Jaquin
I like to go to the event because I can fight with people who have my same goal: 1st place. Windsurfing is a really nice sport with good spirit. Even in higher level championships, we are all having fun, and this is the most important thing. I expect to do my best and learn on every mistake and try not to repeat them again!




Yentel Caers
A big part from going to events is seeing all your friends there, and that makes you motivated and ready! I like to compete for the rush and adrenaline to keep pushing yourself to the next level and battling for that only 1 highest spot number one! From events I expect, or maybe hope, is that I want WIND!… …but also, to be well organized for riders. It can be really stressy if there are some useless issues which make riders lose focus. For the rest I usually have a lot of fun at events.


Gabriel Browne
The main thing for me regarding going to an event is to achieve my personal goals if these events have a counting result. I like the competitive feeling. I enjoy a lot. The preparation before the races and giving my best out there, is a very good feeling when everything goes well. If the event is more promotional for the brand I’m sponsored I also like it, because I can show people the products I’m sponsored, talk about them and help other people. See them than happy using my same equipment. I expect to do my best in each way, for me and for the brand. It’s satisfying!!

Lena Erdil
Events are what competitive athletes live for. They are the highlights of our season and what we prepare for mentally and physically while we are not competing. Events are the moment where we get to show what we got and measure ourselves against the best riders of the world!  I love racing, but at PWA events you know you need to perform and that the female racing level is so high that no sail mistakes will be forgiven. The added adrenaline and pressure at events is a special feeling that can’t be compared to anything else. My expectations to myself is to perform the best I can and show what I got no matter what the conditions. Another priority for me is to enjoy it! Whenever I get stressed I remind myself how much I love racing and to really enjoy the process of racing and all that comes with it!


Bruno Martini
I go to event for to do my best and discover myself until I will win. I don’t expect anything from the event, I just expect something from myself.



Andrea Cucchi
I always think I’m not competitive, but in the end, I am. Therefore, I like going to events. I was thinking that I started competing because it was a natural step, a way to earn money, but main reason was that it gave me the chance to windsurf as much as possible. This was most important as I love windsurfing. I don’t feel like I need to win to enjoy the event, but I need to do my best and I hate when I do mistakes or do bad. I don’t hate losing, but I hate not trying hard during them. The feeling to do good is addictive. The friends you create on tour and around the world are unique. It gives a chance to travel the world without being a proper tourist and visit places with a goal. I think in everything I do I feel like a need an exam at the end. This is the event. Goals and fun. I start not liking events when I see that things are not run professionally. At that point, after many years, I don’t mind pulling out if I’m not having fun, and already start thinking at the next.

Kurosh Kiani
I just love the challenge of pushing myself against others. I´ve no always handled getting beaten or overtaken very well, but its a part of competition and it teaches you a lot about being upfront with yourself and strengthening your weaknesses.
The competition aspect along with traveling, I believe, has given me lots of tools to handle different situations in life very well along with teaching me to work more structured towards goals. I´ve learned to use my hands to build, repair, screw and so on. In the end, windsurfing and competing is a part of my life, and has been for a while. I enjoy it, and even in times where I´m not succesful, I look ahead at the next challenge.

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